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Useful uses for an old tablet

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Practical uses for an old tablet: Companies that manufacture computers and intelligent electronic devices are developing their technologies at an astonishing speed. Amid our constant pursuit of possessing the latest computers and phones equipped with the latest technologies and the best available specifications and features, we must accumulate old tablets and smartphones that we stopped using long ago and have become useless. In most cases, the behavior that comes to mind with these old collectibles is to sell them to second-hand dealers very cheaply or even try to throw them in the trash instead of continuing to occupy a space in the house when there is no point in them at all.
Let us tell you that you can still use your old tablets or tablets in multiple ways instead of throwing them away. This article presents a set of suggested ideas for reusing the ancient tablet.

1. Remote control of a desktop computer

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Using desktop computers requires sitting in a specific position, perhaps for long hours, when completing a particular work. Still, in the presence of some special programs, you can use any tablet to access your desktop computer to continue your various work at any time without being restricted to sitting in a location Determined and in a particular position for long periods. Remote access programs such as TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop allow you to control computers remotely through a virtual keyboard and mouse provided by the interface of the Android and iOS versions.
All you have to do is install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on both the computer you want to remote control and the tablet used for remote control. And when you need to connect the two devices, you will have to open the program and enter the login data on both devices, after which you will have the power to control the computer through the tablet.
Unfortunately, the latest Chrome Remote Desktop program version does not support running on Android systems. Still, it can be replaced by a similar TeamViewer program that performs the same function. It is a free program when setting the program settings for personal use but requires paying a monthly fee when selecting its settings for business use.

2. Remote control of other smart devices

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Most modern smart devices, including bright TV screens, intelligent lighting units, and even intelligent thermostats and microwaves, are equipped with applications that allow remote control using intelligent machines, whether tablets, iPads, or iPhones. There are three central systems for remotely controlling smart home devices: Amazon and Alexa. Google. Apple HomeKit.
Many remote control applications are available on the Google Play Store, such as the Roku application Fire TV and other applications that enable you to use any old tablet as a remote control device for various other smart devices in your home.

First, you need to know the applications and utilities that need to be installed on the tablet to control the desired device remotely; for example, to maintain a smart TV using your old tablet, you will need to install—a Plex media server. Software on the ancient tablet, and you will also need to have A home Wi-Fi network or a connection via Bluetooth that pairs the two devices through it, and then begin to share and control the content from the tablet so that it is displayed on the TV screen.

3. Use as an e-reader

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Despite the spread of e-books and e-reading applications, some people may not find enough storage capacity in their mobile phones to accommodate many books they would like to keep and read when they can. You can use your old tablet and dedicate it entirely to reading e-books. You can save a significant e-library on this device without crowding out other necessary applications on your phone.
You can adjust many unique settings on the tablet to suit your reading activities, from changing the screen brightness to activating the reading mode and even the font size that fits you. Then start creating your portable electronic library that can accompany you during travel trips instead of filling your bags with books, and you can download the books, magazines, and articles you want either through paid sites such as Amazon Kindle: and: Google Play Books and: NOOK

4. Use as a desk clock or alarm clock

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Old tablets may add a terrific aesthetic touch when used as a desk clock, thanks to their elegant appearance, high-quality screens whose lighting, backgrounds, and time display patterns can be controlled, in addition to the possibility of installing external applications to display the time in a professional way, such as the free Zen Flip Clock application. You can put the tablet on a stand and then on the desk or even mount it on the wall. Since the new role that the tablet will play as just a desk clock does not require high performance from the device, you probably will not need to replace the old device battery if its efficiency has weakened. Still, it should Ensure that the device is placed on a desk or wall close to a suitable source of electricity to facilitate the recharging process.
In the same way, you can put an old tablet next to your bed and use it as a clock and alarm clock if you wake up in the middle of the night and are looking for a way to tell the time. It will be easier to permanently install the device in the same position with a dim lighting setting that allows for comfortable night vision than getting up to look for your mobile phone. Additional applications can be installed so that the device can also act as an alarm clock, display the weather or calendar, or as a way to take notes and schedule appointments and daily tasks. Some weather applications allow the activation of special alerts to warn you of severe weather and emergency environmental conditions, such as hurricanes and thunderstorms.

5. Use as a small radio and television set

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Our mothers’ generation used to keep a small radio in the kitchen to keep them entertained while cooking. Some applications, such as the TuneIn application, can quickly convert an old tablet into an intelligent radio that performs the same purpose. After that, make sure that the tablet is fixed to the wall using a suitable holder in a safe location that keeps it away from water and the spread of greasy substances during cooking and that it is close to a convenient electricity source for recharging. Voice assistants such as Siri on the iPad or Alexa on Amazon Fire devices can make it easier to turn on and off the radio by voice without messing with the device while cooking.
The old tablet can also be considered a small portable TV or a screen set up for watching movies, particularly by installing platform applications such as Netflix and other applications that provide a digital broadcast service for movies, series, and programs via the Internet. In addition to the applications above, it is possible to exploit the storage capacity of a Tablet and keep a small library of movies that can be watched while traveling or when there is no internet connection.

6. Use as a digital photo album

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In the past, there was no house without one or more large albums in which the family kept all the photographs; with the decline of photography and the sweeping of digital photography after cameras became available in every phone and every hand, most of our photos and memories are preserved in digital format inside folders, or SD cards that we fear will be lost or lost over time. An old tablet that is no longer in use can be turned into an album or extensive library of digital photos using apps such as Digital Photo Frame Slideshow and Digital Photo Frame.

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