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Top new and unique games for android and iPhone

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Top new and unique games for Android and iPhone: Smartphone games vary greatly, as some are suitable for those who love excitement and suspense.
There are some puzzle games and many other game categories. Unique or team games, regardless of their type. Here are ten new games that have appeared recently for Android and iPhone phones and are worth a try

Retro Abyss

Retro Abyss
Retro Abyss game photo for the article: unique games for Android and iPhone

The game combines adventure, suspense, and horror in one place
Your task in this game is to guide the little creature on the platform full of red enemies.
You can use many different weapons to eliminate enemies and reach the goal.
It will require quick wit and clever use of weapons.
This game is free on Android and iPhone phones. However, it includes ads and contains paid features available for in-game purchases.

(Android_iOS) Download

Airport Simulator

Airport Simulator
Airport Simulator game photo for the article: unique games for Android and iPhone

For those who love management and strategy games, this game has got more than 50,000 downloads in the Play Store for Android phones.
With a record rating of 4.7 stars at short notice. In this game, you will play the manager role in a global airport where you can create the airport infrastructure.
In addition, you will be able to control everything at the airport, including flight times, security checkpoints, passport control, and the locations of cafes, restaurants, and shops in your airport.

(Android_iOS) Download

 Homeworld Mobile

Homeworld Mobile
 Homeworld mobile game photo for the article: unique games for Android and iPhone

It is an excellent new action-adventure game that allows you to build your legend in outer space.
You will have a lot of powers and equipment to use to fight, and you can recruit officers and provide them with the necessary weapons.
You can also develop and upgrade your fleet to make it more powerful and fight devastating battles and wars with other fleets.

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Gradient Sort

Gradient Sort
Gradient Sort game photo for the article: unique games for Android and iPhone

It’s a pretty straightforward puzzle game that can help you relax. Your task in this game is to arrange the shapes and place them in the designated place according to the color gradations that appear to you.
Therefore, it is considered very suitable for color and graphics lovers. The game contains many beautiful and calming sounds to help you focus and relieve stress, and you can download this game for free on Android and iPhone; What is distinctive is that the game does not include any paid features, but it contains ads only.

Download (Android_iOS)

Thief Raids

Thief Raids
Thief Raids game photo, for the article: unique games for Android and iPhone

This game comes up with a rather strange idea. However, it has won the admiration of many users, and your role in this game is to steal money from the rich and help the poor.
You can steal food, clothes, money, and many other things to help the poor who need that loot. Anyway, this game is funny as well as straightforward.
And you can master it quickly.
One of the game’s main features is that it includes more than 90 different levels that you can play, making it a very entertaining game that is fun and not dull.

Download (Android_iOS)

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