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Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

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Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023: Suppose you ask about the new applications worth trying on your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone; the answer is always found in the series of the best applications recently published on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Throughout the week, we monitor new mobile applications from developers and then experiment to get an impression of the idea of ​​the application. If it is worth it, we will include it in an article. And here is our time to present the expected topic, where we review all the new applications collected for Android, and we believe that you will like it greatly.

Disable Touch Screen

Screenshot from the app: Disable Touch Screen
Image of Disable Touch Screen app, for the article: Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

As the name suggests, Disable Touch Screen is a free app specially designed to help you disable the touch feature of your phone screen to avoid accidental touches while watching videos or listening to music.
Unlike YouTube, some sites intentionally show annoying ads by touching any element in the video player. If you are exposed to this situation, you can rely on the Disable Touch Screen application, and its use is straightforward.
You only need, after turning it on for the first time, to set a protection pattern, after which a floating icon will appear on the screen, press it when you want to disable the touch, and to reactivate it, press the same icon and then draw the pattern to cancel the protection.
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Screenshot of the app: RemNote
RemNote app image, article: Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

The primary function of this app is to take quick notes and save them on the phone with the ability to access them remotely from any other device.
But there are many other features that RemNote provides to be the focus of students’ attention and help them organize their school day effectively.
Besides taking notes, you can create intelligent flashcards that will help you remember the answers to difficult questions using the spaced repetition strategy that has proven effective in building long-term memory. You can also create multiple notes and link them to a single topic for easy review. It also allows you to read and annotate PDFs and embed documents, videos, and anything else that can be stored with your notes as you create them. In short, it is a powerful application for organizing your study life.
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Auto Scroll Short Videos

Screenshot from the Auto Scroll Short Videos app
Photo of the Auto Scroll Short Videos app for an article: Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Suppose you are addicted to watching “Shorts” clips on the YouTube application. In that case, it may bother you that the application does not, by default, move to the following clip automatically. Instead, it repeats the current clip several times until you scroll to the next.
The free Auto-Scroll Short Videos application came to solve this problem. As its name suggests, the application automatically scrolls while watching shorts so that it will detect when the clip you are watching ends and move to the next without your intervention. After running the app, it will still run in the background to do its job once you open the YouTube app and browse the shorts, and you can turn it off/on directly from the notification panel. The app is intuitive, and its settings contain helpful options such as controlling scrolling speed between clips and setting a timeout to bypass Shorts trailers.

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AI & Stuff

Image from the app: AI & Stuff
AI & Stuff app image, for the article: Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Artificial intelligence applications continue to grow, and day after day, dozens of applications appear that take advantage of the capabilities of AI in a variety of different forms. AI & Stuff is the most recent of these applications to date. It is unique because it does not use ChatGPT technologies for chatting or DALL-E for drawing and image generation.
Instead, it brings them together under one umbrella so that the capabilities of artificial intelligence can be harnessed through just one application on your phone.
And besides chatting, using advanced artificial intelligence to answer even the most complex questions. And creating images using Stable Diffusion or deep learning algorithms, the app also lets you project holograms or images in augmented reality for a fully immersive experience. In general, if you are interested in this type of application, AI & Stuff is worth a try, and it is free.
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Image from the app: Lilbite
Lilbite app image, for article: Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight or stay in shape, the Lilbite app will help you get the most out of your diet plan and make it easier to calculate your calories. The app includes an extensive library of daily healthy meals, a label scanner that recognizes the contents of a composition table for any food product, a macro calculator, and even a feature that tracks your water intake.
The app has a well-organized graphical interface to help users track their macronutrient intake (nutrients needed for growth) and achieve their fitness goals. No registration or subscription is required to take advantage of the app’s features.
Most of the features are free, even those paid in other applications such as MyFitnessPal; you will find them accessible and with the same efficiency in Lilbite, but some parts of the application still need a paid subscription.
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Screenshot from the EnfsScanner app
Image of the nfs Scanner app for an article: Top apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

You can count on it to digitize paper documents if EnfsScanner allows you to scan documents and convert them into editable PDF files. At least this is the app’s primary function and performs similarly to other apps in the same field.
But what is unique here is that the application includes multiple and valuable tools for dealing with documents rather than using separate applications.
EnfsScanner can extract text from images, auto-optimize scanned images, password-protect PDF files, generate QR for anything, and store receipts, invoices, notes, documents, photos, business cards, certificates, etc. In short, if you need a secure and reliable app for handling paper documents on your phone, this option is worth trying.

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