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Top 7 Android and iPhone games

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Top 7 Android and iPhone games: We are always interested in new and free games as well
It is also possible to put old games that we recently discovered or even paid games on the whole, as is the case with the best Android and iPhone games.

Zombies Don’t Drive

Image from the game: Zombies Don't Drive
Zombies Don’t Drive game photo, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

Gone are the games in this group.
Gone are the games in this collection.
It is available exclusively for Android users as a straightforward game in which you will enjoy driving while being chased by a zombie bus. There is no time limit for the game.
This means you can continue for as long as you want, and while the only goal is to collect in-game coins to upgrade your car, the game can be accessed on the Google Play Store.

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Space Marshals 3

Image from the game: Space Marshals 3
Space Marshals 3 game photo, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

The third installment of the well-known sci-fi game, Space Marshals, is out, and your crew needs your help hunting down the rogues in space.
And in this supplemental version.
There is much new equipment that can be customized and upgraded, as well as a tactical combat style with the ability to plan and carry out stealth attacks. On the other hand, the game provides us with several levels for free. After that, you must purchase chapters, and each chapter launched will be separate from the previously purchased chapter

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Goblin Raiders

Image from the game: Goblin Raiders
Goblin Raiders game photo, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

Next game. It is a funny physics-based game with a unique and addictive mechanic that combines strategy and skill.
So that the crowd of goblins will try to climb the castle walls, you, in turn, will do what is necessary to prevent them from reaching the top and crush their heads with rocks, shooting arrows, or even setting them up on fire. By the way, the game is available for download, whether on Android or iOS.

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Pixboy – Retro 2D

Image from the game: Pixboy - Retro 2D
Pixboy – Retro 2D game photo, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

Another game was recently launched on Android and iPhone.
It does precisely what its name suggests. It is a 2-player platformer designed like the classic 8-bit monochrome games. The game includes around 40 levels to explore and four battles to keep things interesting. However, you should know that this game is not free.
It is available for download for $3.99, and it is an actual game that offers real fun, so it is worth buying.

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Fruit Ninja 2

Image from the game: Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja 2 game photo, for the article: 7 Best Games for Android and iPhone

One of the most fun games of all time, and all you have to do is prepare your blade and cut the fruit in this new version of this well-known game.
Fun, competitive mini-games have been added, so you’ll enjoy all the action as you challenge other ninjas worldwide. The game is free to download, with optional internal purchases.

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Under Depths of Fear

Image from the game: Under Depths of Fear
Under Depths of Fear game image, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

Unfortunately, this game is not free.
It is also available now for Android users only, provided that it is the latest survival game on the Google Play Store and falls into the category of horror games in general. This game offers us beautiful pictures and an exciting story so that you will play the role of a veteran of the First World War.
Your task will be to find out why you are imprisoned on the ocean liner, and as you go, you must solve the puzzles that confront you while avoiding the dangers that seek to stop you.

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The Longest Drift

Image from the game: The Longest Drift
The Longest Drift game image, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

It seems to be a week full of intense gaming, this time with The Longest Drift, a unique adventure, puzzle, and racing game.
Where you help solve the mystery of two cases of disappearance, and to do this, you will have to show excellent driving skills, solve puzzles, and investigate mysterious events. Unfortunately, the game is not free, but it does not include any ads or internal purchases. try it.

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House Flipper

Image from the game: House Flipper
House Flipper game image, for the article: 7 Best Android and iPhone Games

For the last game in this group and far from its long name.
You will be an interior and house designer to start your own business, fulfill orders, renovate houses, decorate them, sell them for profit, and almost all of this. To be one of the giant simulation games of the moment, everything you need for your projects will be at your fingertips.

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We have finished explaining here, dear beautiful reader. You can browse the rest of the sections to get some games and useful applications.

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