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Top 6 new apps for PC

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Top 6 new apps for PC: Try, then pick, and then show you the best among the best — this is, in short, what happens behind the scenes to prepare a new topic among the best programs, as there are hundreds of thousands of programs dedicated to Windows and a new version of them is issued every day. In turn, we test some of them and then determine which programs are worth trying, and you must know As a computer user and software, you should try them. This week was full of special programs; today, we have a batch of other programs at the top of excellence that I will advise you to look at now, especially since they are completely free programs and their size is small, and works on any Windows computer.

1. Apps Wheel

Image showing the App Wheel program
Image from an app Wheel for the article: 6 Best New Apps for PC

It is a launcher that helps you quickly launch your favorite programs and games while using your computer.
Apps Wheel is an entirely free program that aims to give you a quick way to organize all the programs and games you frequent for easy access via a graphical interface represented by a circular menu or “wheel” with shortcuts to your favorite items. This menu can be shown or hidden by pressing Alt + tilde  (letter y) on the keyboard. To add programs/games to the list, click on the plus (+) sign, click on “Browse,” and select the game or program (usually in excel format) you want to put on the list.
It is possible to add an unlimited number of programs since when you fill in the available spaces in the wheel, a second wheel is created, and you can switch between them using the left and right arrows. You can also add programs to your favorites and filter them using the three buttons at the bottom of the inner wheel. These buttons let you view only your favorites, filter games and programs in the list, and there’s even a search option to find programs quickly. Overall, the Apps Wheel provides a great way to quickly organize and open your favorite programs instead of using the Start menu or cluttering up icons on your desktop.
Download (Apps Wheel)

2. Net Speed Checker

Image showing the program: Net Speed Checker
Image from an app, Net Speed Check, for the article: 6 Best New Apps for PC

A program that helps you monitor internet consumption while using your computer in addition to real-time connection speed, Net Speed Checker is entirely free and, as its name suggests, will enable you to monitor internet speed but at the same time provides helpful features for anyone afraid of exceeding a specific limit of data consumption, Perhaps to avoid renewing the package before the specified date. Running the program for the first time will ask you to select the network card you want to monitor (if the device supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi). After that, a mini-bar will be installed on the screen, showing the download and upload speeds. This bar can be placed anywhere else on the desktop, but the developer claims that the bar is designed to fit the taskbar position in Windows 10 or 11.
You can access the settings window through this bar, and from there, you can learn more about how the data is used. Going to the Network Usage section, you will find a list of the total data downloaded and uploaded throughout the day. You can also check consumption at different periods, such as the last seven days or the past month. By default, the program displays a daily notification informing you of the number of gigabytes consumed every 24 hours, but you can customize that or disable the information entirely if you want
Download (Net Speed Checker)

3. FasterFiles

Image showing the program: FasterFiles
Screenshot from FasterFiles, for the article: 6 Best New Apps for PC

This free program allows you to create multiple keyboard shortcuts to perform various actions on your computer. FasterFiles does not need to be installed as it can be run from any folder after downloading it, and when you run it for the first time, press the New Hotkey button and specify a name for the keyboard shortcut and the keys you want to use, for example, Shift + letter A (u). After that, select the shortcut type from among the three options so that the first two display a list of actions that can be performed through this shortcut. The third performs all actions automatically once you press the specified keyboard shortcut. When finished, click “Save.”
After that, you can create a list of actions by clicking on the New Action List button and specifying a name for the list, then clicking on Add Action to add the first Action. The Action can be opening files, copy files, renaming, moving, deleting files and folders, running programs, downloading files, opening a website, copying a folder, creating folders, and creating a file, among many other things. In addition to manually selecting the files and folders you want to open, you can use the existing dynamic options such as reopening the last opened file and folder, opening files from a specific folder, etc.
You can enter up to 10 actions in each list, and you can create three action lists for one shortcut, so it can be said that the program will allow you to perform up to 30 actions using a single keyboard shortcut! Remember that we are talking about the free version here, as the program has a paid version that allows you to add a group of keyboard shortcuts. All in all, FasterFiles can be used in various ways to speed up the pace of your work. For example, you can open a set of files, folders, websites, or programs you need to open daily.
Download (FasterFiles)

4. AveTemp

Image showing the program: AveTemp
Screenshot from AveTemp, for the article: 6 Best New Apps for PC

A small program that allows you to monitor the temperature of the processor in your device in real time. AveTemp is a portable program that does not require installation on the system. Double-click the run file, and the program window will appear, which displays a simple graphical interface showing each processor’s core consumption percentage. , average temperature values, current temperature, the maximum temperature the processor can handle, and the maximum and minimum TDP.
One of the great features of this program is the display of Average values, which reflect the average temperature of the processor over time and, thus, allow you to check the temperature quickly changes over a whole day of operation. The program also adds a mini-icon on the taskbar that displays the current temperature of the processor. Another exciting feature in AveTemp is the “Processor Mode Control,” which can be manually activated in the settings. It automatically adjusts the state of the processor cores based on usage to maintain temperature and reduce power consumption. Overall, AveTemp is a good choice for monitoring your computer’s processor temperature and detecting overheating issues.
Download (AveTemp)

5. QuickBoost

Image showing the program: QuickBoost
Screenshot of QuickBoost, for the article: 6 Best New Apps for PC

There are a lot of unnecessary features in Windows 10 and 11; disabling them can significantly improve your computer’s performance, but doing it manually is not easy. Here comes the role of QuickBoost, a free program that performs a series of “safe” tweaks to improve Windows performance on your computer. The program does not require installation; however, creating a restore point before using it is recommended so that if you do not like the changes made, you can easily roll back to the previous state.
After creating the restore point, run QuickBooks as administrator, and in the “General” section, you will see several tweaks available to improve system responsiveness and performance. For example, you can disable all unimportant programs and applications that boot up when the computer starts, install the Timer Resolution service to get better game performance, disable unnecessary system services (116) to reduce resource consumption, remove pre-installed Microsoft applications, and so on. You can modify it by clicking “Apply All Tweaks,” where the CMD screen will open. You will need to intervene to agree to some actions when prompted, and at the end, you will be asked to restart the computer.
In the “Advanced” section, you can adjust the system’s memory consumption and disable Power Throttling, which limits battery consumption from running background apps, among other options. QuickBooks also allows you to free up storage space with the actions in the Cleanup section. Finally, in the “Downloads” section, you can download some recommended programs; in the “Windows” section, you can set some virtual options, such as showing hidden files and file formats, among others.
In general, QuickBoost can improve Windows performance, but the problem is that it lacks a brief overview or information about what each option and Action does. The only way to find more details is through the program’s official page on GitHub.
Download (QuickBoost)

6. Geekbench 6

Image showing the program: Geekbench 6
Image from Geekbench 6, for the article: 6 Best New Apps for PC

It is one of the best programs that can be relied upon in performance tests and evaluation of the capabilities of your device in terms of processor power and screen card. Geekbench is undoubtedly not a new program, but recently Primate Labs, the company responsible for its development, launched the sixth version, “Geekbench 6”, which carries enormous improvements worth revisiting.
This version aims to reflect more realistic results about performance and keep abreast of developments in terms of hardware or software, as how the program pressures the central and graphics processors to know their actual capabilities have been updated with complex tasks that have become an essential part of daily use of the computer, such as adding an effect Blurring in the background when conducting video meetings, removing unwanted elements from images, parsing, processing, and transforming text using scripting languages.
The multi-core benchmarks in Geekbench 6 have also undergone a vast improvement. Instead of assigning separate tasks to each core, the tests measure how the hearts integrate to accomplish a joint mission. This approach enhances the realism of multi-core tests, mainly since modern processors already use a similar system to differentiate between cores based on performance and efficiency.
Using Geekbench 6 is still accessible. Nothing has changed in the user interface from the previous version. After running it, the device specifications are briefly displayed, and all you have to do is click on Run CPU Benchmark to test the processor or Run GPU Benchmark to test the graphics card. If your device has More than one graphics card, you can select the target card for benchmarking. The tests take some time, but the results will be automatically uploaded to the GeekBench Browser database so that they can be compared to other devices or shared, and the preference remains for higher scores.
Download (Geekbench 6)


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