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Top 20 Hidden iPhone Secret Codes in 2023

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Top 20 Hidden iPhone Secret Codes in 2023: iPhones contain unique codes that perform various functions unknown to the public.

There are specific codes for every smartphone that their manufacturer makes. It can be challenging to remember and use all of these codes effectively.
Everyone should know that this article shares some of the best and coolest iPhone secret codes.

The list of codes contains the top 20 hidden codes for iPhone for the year 2023: Finding information about the phone, hiding calls, or troubleshooting requires entering special codes into the dialer. So, let’s see some secret calling codes for iPhone.

Field Test Mode


This iPhone secret code provides the technical details of your network, such as signal strength in decibels. You can use it to see the code if you want to measure signal strength.

  • It would help if you had a smartphone connected to the internet first.
  • Access the phone software by entering a specific key sequence in the dialer.
  • Go to the LTE test menu by selecting it using the options listed in the field test menu.
  • Next, click the Render Cell Measurement button on the next screen.
  • Look next to the standard scale behind rsrp0 on the next screen.

The number after rsrp0 is the iPhone signal strength in decibels.

For those unfamiliar, the signal strength is pretty good if the number after rsrp0 is between -50dBm and -60dBm. Signal strength is good between -70dBm and -90dBm. Anything over 100dB means the signal strength is weak.

Test Mode in iOS 10 or Earlier


To enter field test mode on iOS 10 or earlier iPhone, you must follow a different path than iOS 10 users. You must open the Dialer app and enter the code before tapping the call button.

To check the signal strength, press and hold the Power button. If the Slide to turn off option doesn’t appear, don’t fire up until you get to the field test page.

To view the network strength in decibels, release the Home button instead of sliding. This will display the dBm rating in the upper right corner of the iPhone’s status bar.

Hide Caller ID

*31#mobile number

When your carrier supports hiding caller ID, it will either be hidden or displayed as “Unknown.”

Check the SMS Center


Sending an SMS message from a mobile phone automatically directs it to the SMS Center, which can be accessed through this switch.

Please enter the number we shared from the iPhone keypad and press the call button.

Call Waiting Status


Turn on or disable call waiting on your iPhone.

Open the iPhone dialer, enter the code, and hit the connect button. Check to see if you can get a call forward.

Enable or disable call waiting

#43# (Disable)
*43# (Enable)

You can choose to allow incoming calls to wait or not to wait by dialing *43# on your iPhone’s dialer. This is a feature of the call waiting indicator, and you need to check its status first.

To disable call waiting on iPhone, you need to open the dialer and enter #43#. Press the call button after this step to disable call waiting.

Check the status of blocked calls


You need to check the call-blocking status to find out why you cannot receive any calls on your iPhone. This is called call blocking, and it blocks incoming and outgoing calls from any unfamiliar person.

Anytime call blocking is enabled, the iPhone will not receive any calls regardless of its call quality. This can be verified by opening the dialer, entering the code we have provided, and pressing Connect.

Enable or Disable Call Barring on iPhone

*33*pin# (Enable)
#33*pin# (Disable)

If you don’t want anyone to call you when you are away on vacation, etc., you can block incoming calls on your iPhone by Dialing *33*pin#. You can use # without the pin because it’s just a number.

To deactivate call barring, enter # 33 * your phone’s SIM card number # on the keypad and press the call button.

Check the Call Forwarding Status


Call Forwarding allows you to divert incoming calls to another number. This is a great feature, and many people choose to turn it on, so they don’t wake anyone up during the night.

Under the iPhone dialer icon, a series of numbers and letters indicate the current call-forwarding status. Accessing this code requires entering an alphanumeric secret code via the iPhone dialer. After connecting, users can see the call forwarding status.

Divert Calls to Another Number


Well, this code is part of the USSD call forwarding code. If you want to forward calls to another number, you need to open your iPhone dialer, enter *21phonenumber#, and click on the call button.

Please replace the “phone number” with the number you want to forward calls to.

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Enable or disable call forwarding


To enable or disable call forwarding, you need to open the dial pad, enter *21#, and press the call button. If call forwarding is not enabled, the code will allow you to do so. If it is enabled, then this code will disable it.

Check the width of the Call line


Call Line Presentation is a service that displays the caller’s phone number when your iPhone receives an incoming call.

If the calling line display is disabled, you will not see the phone number when someone calls you. You can use the code we shared for confirmation.

Show Your Mobile Number on the Caller ID

*82(number you are calling)

If your mobile number is severely blocked, you will need to use this code before your number to show your number on the Caller ID.

So if your friends can’t see your number on their call screen, you will need to use this code to show them your number or name.

Get the Local Traffic Information


Currently, many iOS mobile apps provide useless navigation features if the phone is not connected to the Internet.

You can use this code to see local traffic information without an internet connection. Add the code, and it will display information about current traffic conditions.

View the IMEI Number


You need to know your iPhone’s IMEI number to identify it on the mobile network. This number is unique to each iPhone and can be verified at some point.

You can use the USSD code *#06# to check your iPhone’s IMEI number. You can also use the USSD code *#06# to check the IMEI numbers of most of the phones you own.

Other secret codes for iPhone:

*5005*25371# - Use this to check if the alarm system is working.

* 5005 * 25370 # - This will disable the alarm system

* 3282 # - display message usage information.

*#61# - Displays the number of missed calls

*646# (postpaid) - Displays available airtime

*225# (Postpaid) - View bill balance

*777# (Prepaid) - to show available balance.

Top 20 Hidden iPhone Secret Codes in 2023: That’s all, dear reader; if there are any linguistic errors or anything you want to add to the article. Could you share it with us in the comments?

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