The importance of having a Kill Switch

The importance of having a Kill Switch: VPN programs and applications secure the connection to a server (server) in an area so you can access any site from this server. It is often used when access to these sites is difficult through a traditional Internet connection and many other features. Choosing one of These applications is confusing in terms of finding an application that offers essential elements. Still, I believe one of the most critical features VPN services provide is the Kill Switch. In this article, we will learn about this feature and why you should look for it in any VPN service you intend to use.

What is the Kill Switch feature?

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It can be said that the Kill Switch is a security feature in VPN applications to secure your device while the VPN connection is disconnected for any reason. When you create a VPN connection, your data flows will be redirected within an encrypted connection. Therefore if anyone tries to monitor these flows, they will only find encrypted data, Instead of your actual data.
Since the VPN connection is like any other connection, it is subject to interruption or failure for any reason, and when this happens, your device will return to its first state before using the VPN. In other words, the connection will become unencrypted, which means that your IP address will become known due to the cessation of data flow. Through the encrypted intermediate channel, this leads to the detection of your activity on the Internet, whether browsing history or the files you download (if you use torrents, for example); that is, it will become easy to track and monitor your activity.
So, the Kill Switch prevents your device from connecting to the Internet in a way that could put you at risk. It does this by “cutting off” any activity you do on the Internet that does not pass through the VPN server.

Why is Kill Switch Important in VPN Software?

It can be said, according to what we know about this feature and what it does, that it is necessary for everyone. Still, you will find that some people are not interested in obtaining it. On the other hand, if you are concerned about your activity and exposure to it, you will look for a VPN application that provides the Kill Switch feature.

For example, suppose you want your activity hidden, and the authorities in countries that monitor data flows cannot see that activity. In that case, the need for this feature will be a priority to protect you if the VPN connection is disconnected. It is not limited to monitoring the authorities but applies to hackers and data leakers.
The disconnection of the VPN may occur at any moment and is the main reason for the existence of this feature, for example, a problem with the VPN protocol used, network instability, a specific error in the VPN program itself, a sudden change in the Firewall settings, and therefore if it is not If you are sure of the reliability of the VPN service you have chosen, you should make sure that this feature is present to ensure protection in the event of a connection failure.
So far, I have talked about disconnection resulting from external causes, which means external ones that have nothing to do with the VPN application. Still, the question comes here, what if the application itself is terrible and suffers from repeated disconnections? If we look at the matter from this perspective, we will find that choosing the application itself is a priority. If your choice falls on an application in which these interruptions are repeated (you will undoubtedly find such interruptions in all programs and applications, but what I mean here is those that are repeated hugely), then the Kill Switch feature will secure your protection in this case.

But.. Kill Switch is not available in all programs!

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Unfortunately, despite the need for this feature, you will encounter the fact that many VPN programs lack it. Therefore, keep this in mind while searching for a program or application you want to adopt to connect to the VPN service. The good news is that popular programs such as ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, VyprVPN, PureVPN, and NordVPN have this feature, and you can often find it in marketing ads or on the introduction page of these programs. Therefore, with a simple search, you will make sure that what you have chosen has this feature, and I must note that you must activate the Kill Switch when running one of these programs. Because it will not be pre-activated

How to activate the Kill Switch feature

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Despite this ease, programs like OpenVPN need specific settings to activate this feature. Therefore, the possibility of an error occurring while adjusting these settings will increase. Things become somewhat confusing in smartphone applications, especially iPhone phones. For example, the NordVPN application provides this feature on its version of the iPhone and iPad, but it will only work when using the IKEv2 protocol. On the other hand, Android phone users must copy the system 7.0 and higher to ensure that there is Kill Switch support for the whole system.

The reason behind users choosing VPN programs differs, as some of them are looking for speed. Some of them only want to access restricted sites in their country. Some want to ensure that their activity and data are not monitored. Still, whatever the reason is different, it is necessary to ensure the degree of reliability and security provided by these programs And the features that you will get, most notably the Kill Switch feature, as we explained, so be careful during your search to avoid problems such as penetration or even legal issues.

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