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The best new apps for phones

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The best new phone apps: Have you ever considered comparing the apps you currently use and those you used a year ago? You will indeed find a big difference between these applications; for example, you may have found new applications that are very useful and have become essential applications for you. This is very normal at present, such as in smartphone applications. It is constantly evolving due to the emergence of new technologies and support for more features in smartphones, which prompts developers to create new applications that perform essential functions. In this topic, we get to know the latest new applications released for iPhone phones, which will significantly benefit you.

1. Live Wallpapers

Image of an app: Live Wallpapers
Image from the app, Live Wallpapers for the article: The best new apps for phones

If you are seeking to change the look of your phone and make it more lively, here is this great application that includes dozens of very cool animated wallpapers that are categorized in many and varied sections, including natural backgrounds, universe wallpapers, colorful backgrounds, New Year wallpapers, and much more.
This application has many features that make it a favorite among many users. It provides high-quality wallpapers up to 4K and does not drain the phone’s battery, as the animated wallpapers are only turned on when displayed.
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2. ZoZo App

Image of the app: ZoZo App
Screenshot from ZoZo App for the article: The best new apps for phones

This app is a keyboard for iOS, but it is not like any other keyboard app as it focuses on a very calm and helpful feature: creating shortcuts to images, videos, texts, or even URL links for instant input. In contrast, typing, for example, can make a shortcut to writing your address without typing it manually, saving you a lot of time.
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3. Weatherly

App image: Weatherly
Screenshot from the Weatherly app for the article: The best new apps for phones

With the advent of winter, many users must constantly keep track of temperatures and weather information to prepare for it. If you want to download a particular application on your phone to follow the weather, you will not find better than the exceptional Weatherly application that was recently released on the Play Store for Android phones; where this application provides you with very accurate information about the weather in your current location, as it shows you the forecast for 24 hours and seven days, exquisitely and distinctively, as the program includes a modern and straightforward interface that provides for beautiful landscapes.
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4. AniSmall

App image: AniSmall
Screenshot from the AniSmall app for the article: The best new apps for phones

Using this application, you can perform many tasks and functions related to videos on your iPhone, as it allows you to compress the video to reduce its size without affecting the quality, which helps you to save space on your phone and share files easily on the Internet, and the program also allows you to extract audio From the video and save it to your device in very high quality in any format such as MP3 and WAV.
And the uses of the program are not limited to that, as it allows you to convert video and audio to any format at a very high speed, and at the end, you can play your media files or share them through other applications.
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5. MJ PDF Reader

Image of an app: MJ PDF Reader
Screenshot from the MJ PDF Reader app for the article: The best new apps for phones

This application is a free PDF document reader available for Android phones. This program combines all the features you need to open PDF files on your phone professionally and without distractions. It also provides you with many other features and features related to PDF files, including sharing documents and printing them or opening them from the Internet via URL links. Fortunately, you can download this application on your phone for free, and it does not include ads and does not collect any data.
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