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Software for pc: We continue in free tech 4u to review unique computer programs with great benefits. During the past few days, we have tried a batch of programs and tested them enough to purify the best ones, and then we put them in our article. Today we have beneficial programs, including an anti-malware program, a program to convert video formats, a program to improve image quality, and others. Let’s start talking about them directly below.

1. Icecream Video Converter

Image showing the program: Icecream Video Converter
Image from Icecream Video Converter, for the article: Software for pc

A great program allows you to convert videos, whether one clip or several clips together, to a specific format that is compatible with your device in an easy, simple, and, most importantly, way without affecting the quality and accuracy of the video. Icecream Video Converter is free and can be used on Windows to change video formats quickly. The program has a graphical interface that is easy to deal with. After running it, click the “Add file” button and add the video you want to convert, knowing that the program supports all known formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, WMV, MOV, M4V, and others.
Once you’ve added the video, hit the menu at the bottom left of the program’s window to display a range of formats to which the video can be converted. Note that the program also has many predefined settings to make it easier to choose the appropriate form based on the type of device to play the clip on or the video quality..etc.
Other functions can be used in the program, such as cutting a part of the video, changing its dimensions, reducing the quality, adding subtitles or a watermark, removing audio from video clips, or extracting audio from video to MP3. And as we mentioned, you can add multiple videos to convert, and once everything is set up, just hit “Convert” to start the conversion. By default, the converted video is saved in the original video folder.

2. Combo Cleaner

Image showing the program: Combo Cleaner
Image from Combo Cleaner, for the article: Software for pc

It is an anti-malware program that allows you to detect and securely remove security threats on your device and protect your files in real-time from any suspicious changes from ransomware infiltrating it. Combo Cleaner is accessible in a limited way and provides a 7-day trial period to enjoy its full benefits for free. Still, you may have to purchase it if you decide to rely on it to enhance your device’s security level.
The program has a straightforward graphical interface that displays the introductory resource consumption rates of the device, in addition to quick options for controlling the program’s properties and functions. Once the program is installed, run it, and it will start scanning all the files stored on your computer; at the same time, it will update its malware database and then rerun a quick scan to make sure everything is in order and will display a report with the results when it is finished.

Once the scan is complete, it displays all the security threats and vulnerabilities. It detects malware and potentially unwanted software, usually installed clandestinely while installing programs or games on your device. If it is found that these programs exist, it will display them in front of you, and you only have to specify what you want to delete and click on “Remove all threats.”

Another exciting feature of Combo Cleaner is “Duplicates” to find and delete duplicate files to free up storage space. It also provides you with a “Big Files” tool to find files that take up a lot of space on the hard drive so that it scans the hard and lists all files over 100MB or any other size you specify.

3. Perfect Backup

Image showing the program: Perfect Backup
Image from Perfect Backup, for the article: Software for pc

It is a program that saves simultaneous backup copies (self-renewing) or on demand from a set of files or folders that you choose; in addition to that, Perfect Backup allows you the freedom to decide where the copy will be stored, whether it is an external hard drive, on a network-connected storage unit, or via a server FTP and even supports saving the Backup to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. But for most users, it is better to take backups locally as it is much easier and, most importantly, cheaper.

The advantage of Perfect Backup is that it allows scheduling backups, protecting the copy with a password, and restoring the copy by returning all files to their places. The program is light in size and very easy to handle, and accessible for both personal and commercial use. It is software worth trying for people who value the importance and value of their personal and work data to avoid losing it.
Like most file backup programs that consider flexibility and functionality in getting the job done, Perfect Backup comes with a graphical interface with a practical and simplified design to facilitate saving and restoring the Backup. All you need to get started is to download and install the program on your Windows device, and with the first launch of the program, you will get a pop-up window that will guide you on how to deal with the program and the functions of each option.

4. Rinse Organizer

Image showing the program: Rinse Organizer
Image from Rinse Organizer, for the article: Software for pc

It is the ideal solution if you sometimes find it challenging to keep your files organized within folders, especially if you tend to download or save a lot of files in specific folders. Rinse Organizer is an entirely free program that provides a practical and fast way to organize files in any folder with the click of a button, collecting files of a specific quality and putting them all into another subfolder within the main folder.
Rinse Organizer Free is straightforward to use. The first thing you need to do after installing and running it is to click on “Choose Directory” to select the folder you want to organize. Then you can use the available presets to sort automatically and group files by type, such as images, audio, video, text, shortcuts, PDFs, and applications (EXE files). Just click on the desired preset, and a subfolder will be created with all the files of this type. For example, selecting “Clean Audio” will move the audio files from the folder to the new “Audio” subfolder.
The free version of the program has some limitations. However, it allows you to create a custom rule in the “Custom” option; through this feature, you can set a specific format for the files to be transferred and organize them; for example, you can create a rule to organize doc, docx or rtf files or txt or odt. In the end, press “Save” to save the custom rule, and later, you can press Custom to organize the files in the folder automatically based on the criteria you selected

5. Batch AI Photo Sharpener

Image showing the program: Batch AI Photo Sharpener
Image from Batch AI Photo Sharpener, for the article: Software for pc

A program that sharpens images and makes them more evident using artificial intelligence. Unlike many in the field, Batch AI Photo Sharpener is entirely free. It can be relied upon to improve the clarity of your images with minimal effort, as it is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that are not limited to dealing with only one shot—all at once but a group of photos at a time quickly. The program has a straightforward graphical interface; all you have to do after running it is add the images you want to improve and press the “Start Now” button.
Batch AI Photo Sharpener includes several options you need to adjust painstakingly to get the best possible result; for example, from the Mode menu, you need to select whether you want to Denoise or Unblur to improve sharpness quality—Picture in general. In the Output menu, you choose to format the image after processing it, either PNG or JPG, according to your preferences. Finally, in the “AI Algorithm” menu, you specify for the program whether the image includes cartoons, a logo, or just a stock photo, to make the AI better adapt to the image’s content to get the best result.
Anyway, Batch AI Photo Sharpener is a great program to try if you have a bit of noisy or worn photos and need to give them a better level of sharpness and detail; you don’t have to know Photoshop skills or dabble in photo editing tools, it’s enough to rely on these The easy tool will do the trick.

6. MouseTray

Image showing the program: MouseTray
Image from MouseTray, for the article: Software for pc

It is an open-source program that allows you to easily switch between specific mouse cursor speeds depending on the tasks you are doing right now. MouseTray is free and provides an easy way to adjust the mouse pointer speed. Still, it also allows you to create profiles or scenarios with a preset speed to switch between different cursor speeds when needed. The program does not need to be installed; as soon as it is launched, its miniature icon will appear on the taskbar—Double-click on it to display the slider that leads to adjusting the cursor speed.
But suppose you right-click on the MouseTray program icon. In that case, other settings will appear that include new functions for the program, such as allowing switching between the regular mouse and the Touchpad on the laptop through a keyboard shortcut that you select, or the most prominent function, which is creating scenarios with different speeds, such as a speed you use while playing and another while browsing The Internet and others while dealing with the Excel program, etc., by clicking on the Preferences button and in the window that appears, click on “New” and assign a name to the scenario and the required speed to save it in the list. After clicking the program icon, these scenarios can be navigated from the drop-down menu.
In general, MouseTray provides a simple way to control the speed of the mouse cursor; the most important feature, of course, is the ability to create profiles for rates, which makes it very easy to choose the desired cursor speed when needed without having to open Windows Settings.

7. GoAwayEdge

Image showing GoAwayEdge
Image from GoAwayEdge, for the article: Software for pc

This program helps redirect searches you make through the Windows search bar (integrated into the taskbar and Start menu) to a different search engine than Bing and a browser different from Microsoft Edge. Simply put, GoAwayEdge is a light and free program whose function may be helpful for those who need to perform many searches from time to time directly from the taskbar in Windows, yet they do not want to use the Edge browser or prefer to search in Google instead of Bing, and this is precisely what it does the program.
The program is simple and direct because all you have to do after installing it on your device and running it is to select the type of version of Microsoft Edge on your device, whether it is the stable or experimental version, Dev or Canary, then select the preferred search engine, and when finished, press “Next” and GoAwayEdge will apply the appropriate changes to achieve the desired. From now on, the Microsoft Edge browser will not open when searching on the web through the Windows search bar, as if it is not there at all! But if you want to undo these changes, activating the “Uninstall” option from the program’s main interface is enough to execute the cancellation command.


You can also review articles in which we have included many programs, and there are also explanations. Review them to get more schedules and find out more information. And do not forget to include a comment below and share the article with your friends to make them get valuable programs.

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