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Share images in high quality in Whatsapp

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Share the images in high quality in WhatsApp: Soon, in WhatsApp, the feature of sending pictures at the same rate will be available in the WhatsApp application.
In the next update, which is
In short, WhatsApp added a new feature: sending or sharing photos with the same original quality without reducing their rate.

Share photos of the same quality.

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WhatsApp introduces a new update, as I said, in version
This update brought you the advantage of sending images in the same original quality without degrading their quality.
To share photos with friends as well as family members and anyone.
I suggest this feature to choose the quality of the image, and you can select the quality of the image you want to send the picture with.
Now there is no date for downloading the new version, or this version that has this new feature, or even any information about the date of the release of this version.

Also, according to your use, you can choose the best quality and make the default settings so that you can send images, and after that, with the same quality or the same quality that you set the settings on.
WhatsApp is well-known and very famous all over the world, and it is a very excellent application that is characterized by encrypting messages between the two communicating parties to allow you a very secure conversation between you and the person you are writing to, whether it is from the family or even a friend.

All of this is in the WhatsApp settings. You can also browse the rest of the sections for information, applications, and leisure games.

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