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Recover deleted photos on Android: Many reasons can lead to losing your important photos, whether through wrong deletion when formatting the phone, due to a software crash, or for any other reason. Fortunately, there is still an excellent opportunity to recover those photos through various methods and means, including This is applications to retrieve deleted pictures for the phone, which are available in abundance at present, and fortunately these applications are very effective in recovering deleted images unless they are overwritten, or other data is downloaded in the same place, and below we offer you a list of the best Android applications through which you can retrieve photos easily.


Image showing the application: DiskDigger
Image from DiskDigger app, for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

DiskDigger is one of the most popular deleted photo recovery programs ever, as it is used by tens of millions of users worldwide. This application is characterized by its high ability to recover all deleted images, regardless of the type or format of the image. It also supports the recovery of deleted videos as well. Among the advantages of The program is that it allows you to preview the photos while the recovery process runs. After finding your photos, you can restore them on the phone directly or on the cloud storage service to make a backup copy of them to avoid losing them later.

Photos Recovery

Image showing the application: Photos Recovery
Photo from the Photos Recovery app for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

This application mainly focuses on the photos that have been deleted recently. If you delete some images from your phone by mistake and then discover that you need them again, you can use this application to retrieve them easily. One of the advantages of this application is that it is swift in the scanning process as it does not take as long as some other applications do, and of course, the program allows you to preview the images that have been found. After that, you can select the pictures you want to recover to save them on your phone in one go. One of the advantages of this program is that it keeps the results of the last process Scan, allowing you to preview it again without having to rerun the scan.


Image showing the Dumpster app
Image from the Dumpster app for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

The Dumpster application is not limited to recovering deleted photos but also supports recovering videos and audio files. You will need to keep them and which ones to get rid of, and one of the unique features of this program is that it constantly works in the background as it alerts you when you delete a photo or file from your phone to make sure that you do not need it again.

Restore Image

Image showing the application: Restore Image
Photo from the Restore Image app for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

This program’s most important feature is its ease of use, as it allows you to recover deleted photos through straightforward and fast steps and does not contain any complex technical details. Of course, this program does not require a computer or a root word for the phone where. You can start retrieving deleted photos from your phone once you install it. It also supports recovering deleted images from the phone’s internal storage or the SD card. It also supports recovering the most common file formats, such as JPG and PNG. It is also good that this program recovers images with the best possible quality. This program is available completely free of charge on Android phones.

EaseUS MobiSaver

Image showing the application: EaseUS MobiSaver
Photo from the EaseUS MobiSaver app for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

Whether you want to recover deleted photos from your phone or other types of files, you can rely on this excellent application to retrieve images of various kinds. You can also recover videos, audio clips, contacts, SMS text messages, and many other files. It is effective in healing deleted photos, no matter how long the deletion took, as long as those files were not overwritten by downloading new files in the same place. One of the advantages of this program is that it also supports the recovery of lost data, whether from the SD card or the phone’s storage space.

DigDeep Image Recovery

Image application: DigDeep Image Recovery
Photo from the DigDeep Image Recovery app for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

DigDeep is considered one of the leading applications for retrieving deleted images. The program obtained over 10 million downloads with a 4-star rating, thanks to its incredible effectiveness in recovering deleted and lost photos from the phone. One of the advantages of this program is that it searches for lost images and restores them in folders. This allows you to search for the images you need quickly. This program supports other essential features, including scanning the phone and SD card, previewing and saving files anywhere on the phone, and many other features.

Deleted Photo Recovery

An image showing the application: Deleted Photo Recovery
Image from the Deleted Photo Recovery app for the article: Recover deleted photos on Android

It is a very easy-to-use program that you can rely on to recover all image formats. It is very fast in scanning operations, and this program works to restore images to their original quality without affecting them. It does not require rooting the phone or other annoying requirements, and this comes to The program is very light in size, as it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It supports all Android phones without exception, so it is worth the experience and deserves to be among the best free applications to recover deleted photos from the phone.

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