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New iPhone and Android games

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New iPhone and Android games: Are you wondering what are the best Android and iOS games?
Whether it’s strategy, fighting games, RPGs, MOBAs, adventures, puzzles, or car racing? There are so many great game genres that you could spend hundreds of days playing, only to finish them and find another interesting new game that’s ready to take all your time.
Smartphone games are developing very fast, so they require powerful phones that can run them to enjoy their modern graphics. However, we don’t put all our focus on hardcore games.
And today is no exception; we have collected six new games for you to enjoy on your Android and iPhone phones.
Let us introduce you to it.

Real Driving 2

Image from the game: Real Driving 2
Real Driving 2 game image, article: New iPhone and Android games

Actual Driving 2 is a realistic car driving simulation game. You can play it without needing an internet connection, compete with other players inside the game, or enjoy driving in the streets of New York City. The game has modern graphics, so it requires modern and powerful phones.
The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, so you can see the car damage realistically.
There is more than one camera angle for the player, and there are different game modes such as Nitrogen Mode, Endless Back Mode, Road Drift Mode, Time Lapse Mode, and much more.
The best part of the game is the ability to customize the car and upgrade its components to your liking. An excellent match for sure, and it is expected that it will be able to achieve a wide reputation over the coming days
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Moon Pioneer

Image from the game: Moon Pioneer
Screenshot from Moon Pioneer: New iPhone and Android games

Moon Pioneer is a new game on the Google Play Store and the App Store, but it has garnered many downloads and positive reviews.
The idea of the game is straightforward and revolves around you being in charge of a group of workers transporting oil to complete the building of new factories.
The game world is vast and constantly renewed. The only negative aspect of the game is that it contains a lot of ads and does not contain any sound at all, but make sure that it will cause you to become addicted to it.
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Soccer Manager

Image from the game: Soccer Manager
Soccer Manager game image, article: New iPhone and Android games

Do you love soccer games? And who among us is not? Well.
In the new Soccer Manager 2022 game on the App Store, you are responsible for managing any club you choose so that you can build the club, choose players, and even sign new players.
You will be responsible for managing the club in all its aspects. There are over 900 clubs and 35 different countries.
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Chess Clash

Image from the game: Chess Clash
Chess Clash game image for the article: New iPhone and Android games.

If you are a fan of puzzles, then you will fall in love with Chess Clash on Android and iOS.
You can play it online to win and top the competitor’s list, allowing you to compete against real opponents or invite your friends to compete with them. The game contains two different modes.
Relax mode with classic matches or speed mode to play matches at a fast pace and for short periods at the same time; the game allows you to chat with your opponent while playing, and for every contest you play and win, you will get new rewards and gifts which you can redeem with the skills of your friends and other competitors. However, if you want to play the game offline, you will find a single-player mode inside the game without needing an internet connection.
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am i the baddie

Image from the game: am i the baddie
Image of the game? Am i the baddie for the article: New iPhone and Android games

It’s a game on the App Store.
Completely free and ad-free. As its name suggests, it is a party game you can play with 3 to 5 friends.
And one of you is chosen at random to be the villain. The rest of the players start looking for all the clues from around town to find out who the bad guy is.
But that is in case the rest of the people can pick up all this evidence before the evil one can hide it. From their eyes and destroyed it. The game period is brief, about 1 minute. You can choose to play with several themes, including Grass, Desert, Night, Snow, and three ready-to-play maps, or customize and build a map to your liking.
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Robot Colony 2

Image from the game: Robot Colony 2
Image from a game, for the article: New iPhone and Android games

Robot Colony 2 is the sequel to the popular strategy game Robot Colony, which is accessible on the Google Play Store.
The game’s idea is to manage a colony of automatons and robots and try to protect them from substantial deadly insects.
In this game, you are in charge of a group of robots that help you build and strengthen your colony; they are responsible for searching for food, resources, and equipment and bringing them to the colony base. However, bots behave automatically and automatically.
But you can control it manually as well. There are more than 90 different stages, and you will encounter many various and large insects, and you can build many buildings and forts that help you strengthen the defenses of your colony.
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We are done here, dear reader. Please comment below and browse the rest of the sections to get more games and applications.

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