New iPhone and Android apps

New iPhone and Android apps: It’s always fun to try out new apps, so you’ll be one of the first to try out ideas from developers worldwide that either help you get more out of your phone or assist you in real life. But discovering new apps is not easy, as the official Play Store and App Store stores do not give users an easy way to browse the latest released apps. This is where the best apps come in.
We rely on our resources to download and try many new apps, test them, and rate them to review the worthy ones.
In this article, there are some specific and unique applications, some for iPhone and some for Android

1. One More AI

Image showing the application: One More AI
Screenshot from the One More AI app for the article: New iPhone and Android apps

Many applications have used modern artificial intelligence techniques, whether to generate images or texts, to the point that prompted one of the developers to create an application and call it One More AI. Still, it is a practical application and worth trying. One More AI does not design images but serves as a gallery of images created through artificial intelligence. Anyone can easily browse and save pictures in the highest possible quality on their phone. These unique images indeed may not be found on another site, and you will often find them very suitable as phone wallpaper or for any project, so this application can be considered an alternative to paid services such as Unsplash or Shutterstock to get the best artificial intelligence images for free.

2. Image Resizer

Image showing the application: Image Resizer
Image Resizer app, for the article: New iPhone and Android apps

It is an exceptional application that provides several valuable tools that help you control images, such as adjusting the dimensions of images, whether individually or in groups of photos at once, in addition to cropping images and comparing more than one image together within one template. Image Resizer also allows you to convert image formats with a button or Compress it to reduce the size at the expense of quality. It has a great tool that displays the color codes used in the image in an orderly manner to the color gradation. The simple interface distinguishes the application based on the Material You design from Google, allowing smooth navigation between tools and their use.

3. Outside

Image showing the app: Outside
Image from the Outside app, for the article: New iPhone and Android apps

Showing a countdown to important upcoming events such as meetings, events, conferences, or any upcoming plans in general, Outside is designed to help you stay organized and on top of your schedule by displaying a countdown until the next appointment. You can add an infinite number of events, which will be displayed either inside the application with its beautiful graphical interface or outside it through the widget that can be added to either the home screen or the lock screen. The app includes a map to show where your plans are visually, and you can add notes for any essential things you want. The app reminds you when it’s time for an event4. And the countdown ends. Outside offers several other valuable features and is completely free

4. Auto Mute

Image showing the application: Auto Mute
Screenshot from the Auto Mute app for the article: New iPhone and Android apps

Sometimes you watch a video, but you notice that its sound is shallow, so you decide to raise the volume as much as possible. You forget about it until you play another video, only to discover that the sound is loud, which causes you embarrassment and inconvenience. To avoid this situation, you can use the new Auto Mute application, which is interested in automatically muting the media when playing it while displaying the volume control panel until you select the appropriate level for unmuting. The app handles media like music and videos, voice assistants, and games. The application interface is simple and displays the controls clearly, and Auto Mute adds itself within the notification panel for easy access and modification of settings from other applications.

5. Cookie Blocker

Image showing the application: Cookie Blocker
Image from the Cookie Blocker app for the article: New iPhone and Android apps

It is like an addition to the Safari browser on iPhone phones, and its function is to hide the “This site uses cookies” pop-up message that appears when visiting sites for the first time. Cookie Blocker does not choose to accept or refuse the site’s use of cookies, but rather its task is to prevent the display of the message that some find annoying; all you have to do is install and activate the application as an add-on for the Safari browser. According to the developer, the app works on over 2 million websites so that you can enjoy a smoother browsing experience. The free app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

6. WhattaWatch

Image showing the application: WhattaWatch
Image from WhattaWatch app, for the article: New iPhone and Android apps

You are designed to help users find relevant movies and TV shows according to particular criteria. WhattaWatch is entirely free and serves as a way to suggest entertainment content that matches your taste and is available according to its subscribed broadcasting services, as the application is based on a vast database that includes a wide range of movies and series and what is unique is that it makes browsing suggestions similar to browsing short videos on the TikTok platform, so each request is displayed on Card format with quick movie/series information, swiping up to get a new direction, and so on. The application provides a lot of filters to find movies and series effectively based on your interests, filter by genre, date, streaming services, and more; you can also create a list of the content you intend to watch to find it easily.

That’s all, of course, in this article. You can also review the previous sections to get some applications such as sleep applications and white noise that enable you to focus and rest, and other information, as well as games for leisure time. And do not forget to include a comment below if there is someone you want to benefit from these applications…

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