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New games for iPhone: In free tech 4u. We review new games that appear on the App Stores for iPhone phones daily, but it is often difficult to monitor these games until they become popular and are included in the list of the most downloaded games. Unfortunately, the App Store does not provide a section that reviews the latest games to allow gamers to see everything new in one place, but in turn, we try to make up for that as we share a list of the best new games launched over the past five days. Of course, the following options are excellent and ready for your experience and evaluation to have fun and spend time alone or with friends.

1. Scrape Master

Image showing the game: Scrape Master
Image from Scrape Master, for the article: New games for iPhone

This game has many downloads from players and looks like an up-and-coming game. Scrape Master, in which the player’s task is limited to scraping snow in various environments, clearing the lands of grass, wood, etc., then selling them to earn profits, developing cleaning tools, and increasing the carrying capacity of the car to enhance your efficiency. Scrape Master has vivid graphics, and the gameplay is straightforward as the game can be controlled with just one finger to move the character. The free game includes internal purchases or watch ads for a free bonus.

2. Brain Test 4

Image showing the game: Brain Test 4
Image from the game Brain Test 4, for the article: New games for iPhone

The Brain Test series from Unico Studio is one of the best brain test games for smartphones, and here is the fourth version launched two weeks ago. Due to the popularity of the series, the performance has received more than a million downloads in such a short period. Brain Test 4 comes with new sets of characters and exercises that challenge your mind to sharpen your intelligence, and the fantastic thing is that it also supports the Arabic language. The game displays one puzzle in each exercise, and you have to use the drawn elements to solve the puzzle in one way or another; there is no limit to the number of attempts, but if you fail to discover the solution, the game provides a powerful hint system to help you. Brain Test 4 does not need an internet connection and is free, but it displays one small ad below.

3. Don’t Byte Your Tongue

Image showing the game: Don't Bite Your Tongue
Image from Don’t Bite Your Tongue, for the article: New games for iPhone

A fun action game that recently arrived on the mobile platform Don’t Byte Your Tongue has a simple premise of getting to the top to meet your partner! As the player jumps on the wall to reach higher and farther platforms, as you progress in the game, you will face increasingly complex challenges that will test your skills to the limit. The gameplay is easy to learn but hard to master from the first mission, which makes it an attractive game. There are many challenges in the game, such as accelerating jumping to maintain the level you have reached, as one mistake, such as falling, can take you back to the beginning of the story from zero, so the game needs constant focus to achieve the main task, which is to reach the top.

4. Unicycle Legend

Image showing the game: Unicycle Legend
Image from Unicycle Legend, for the article: New games for iPhone

A very entertaining game and perfect for killing free time or waiting! Unicycle Legend is a unicycle adventure going through paths full of obstacles such as bombs, springs, traps, spiders…etc. Still, the challenge is to cross these obstacles to reach the finish line and keep the bike’s balance going straight by pushing forward and backward simultaneously. Of course, the gameplay is simple, but there are 120 levels, most of which are difficult levels mixed with many challenges, such as standing on the finish line at a certain angle or jumping quickly to overcome road obstacles. Overall, it’s a fun game and worth trying, especially since it’s free.

5. Pocket City 2

Image showing the game: Pocket City 2
Screenshot from the game Pocket City 2, for the article: New games for iPhone

A strategic game, but in a somewhat unique style, in Pocket City 2, you have an open environment to build an entire city with all the details of daily life, starting from the establishment of residential, commercial, and industrial areas through building tourist attractions and investing in mega projects, the goal is to create an integrated city and meet the needs of its residents. There are several differences between this part and the game’s original version regarding new buildings, environments, challenges, etc. Still, you will enjoy trying it if you are a fan of strategy games. The game features high-resolution graphics and an open world that can be roamed through various vehicles and interact with them. In general, Pocket City 2 simulates the city-building experience in detail. The wonderful thing is that the game is open, so you will not need to purchase internal items to speed up missions.

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