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New apps for iPhone and Android

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New apps for iPhone and Android: As long as trying new applications is fun, becoming one of the first to experiment with ideas made by developers from all over the world is a great thing, as you may discover an application that helps you facilitate your personal and professional lifestyle in one way or another. But finding new apps isn’t easy, whether you’re using an Android phone or an iPhone. Here comes the Best Apps series role, which serves as a “filter” for mobile applications constantly published on the Play Store and App Store, as we rely on our sources to discover new applications, test them, and evaluate them to review the worthy ones. And now, the time has come for a unique number in the series, so here is a batch of new Android and iPhone applications at the top of excellence.

1. Geekbench 6

Image showing the application: Geekbench 6
Image from Geekbench 6, article: New apps for iPhone and Android

The Geekbench platform is the most reliable application for performance tests on various devices and smartphones. Recently Primate Labs, which is responsible for developing the platform, launched the sixth version – Geekbench 6, which brings with it a set of new tests designed to push devices to their limits, and this, in turn, reflects more realistic results about the performance of both the CPU and the graphics card. These new tests take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and fields increasingly being used in applications that rely on augmented reality and machine learning.

For example, one of these tests focuses on the device’s ability to add a blurring background effect when holding video meetings, assess its ability to automatically remove unwanted elements from images, and so on. In addition, Geekbench 6 added support for the Vulcan library in the GPU tests, and this would better reflect the graphics performance in games and even modern user interfaces. In general, the new version adds more modern tests, but like with previous versions of Geekbench, you can compare results with other devices and share them across the web, and higher scores are preferred.
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2. EasyCut Editor

Image showing the application: EasyCut Editor
Screenshot from the Easy Cut Editor app for the article: New apps for iPhone and Android

This application helps you to extract images in the original resolution from any video easily; EasyCut Editor is entirely free and easy to use; you choose the clip from your library and then press the arrows to select the frame to be extracted; you can then select the resolution and format of the image, and whether you want Copy the video’s metadata and merge it with the idea…etc. To save it in the library with complete accuracy and the highest quality. What is unique about the application is that it provides more than one option to move accurately between frames to find the desired image quickly. It also supports live photos or Live Photos on the iPhone, not just video clips.
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3. SuperImage

Image showing the application: SuperImage
Image via SuperImage, for the article: New apps for iPhone and Android

It is an application for enlarging images, and enlarging here is not only in the sense of adjusting the dimensions to make the image more prominent but also maximizing the image quality up to 8 times the original resolution and quality. SuperImage is based on the MNN model of artificial intelligence and the Real-ESRGAN algorithm that allows this process to be performed locally on the phone, meaning that you do not need to upload the image to any site or use the Internet connection. Still, rather it depends on the phone’s resources only.

According to our experience, the app is very effective and magically preserves the details of the photos after zooming them up to 8x, but it takes some time to get the job done. For example, it takes 3 minutes to maximize a 1080p image to 4K on a Snapdragon 855 phone, The phone will become very heavy in the process as the app will use up all its resources to speed up the process, but the result is always impressive.
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4. Auto Scroll (Block) Reel Ads

Image showing the application: Auto Scroll (Block) Reel Ads
Screenshot from the Auto Scroll (Block) Reel Ads app for the article: New apps for iPhone and Android

As the name suggests, Auto-Scroll Ads will automatically scroll your ad clips while watching Reels videos within the Instagram app. Its use is straightforward, after installing and running it, it will ask you to agree to the permission to work on top of the applications, so grant it, and then the option to activate/disable it will appear within the notification panel; press Enable and the application will continue to work in the background. Now you can open the Instagram app and browse through Reels as you usually would. Still, as soon as you come across a promotional video between regular clips, Auto-Scroll Ads will automatically mute the video and scroll to the next video without your intervention.
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5. Lofi

Image showing the application: Lofi
Screenshot from the Lofi app for the article: New apps for iPhone and Android

The iPhone already has background sounds that can be played to help you relax before bed or focus while studying/working, but they are just stereotypical sounds that may sound annoying to some. So a better alternative would be “lo-vee music,” devoid of complex melodies and has been shown to improve focus while working or studying. Although there are entire playlists dedicated to this type of music on YouTube, Spotify, and even Apple Music, the Lofi app is the best at embracing lo-fi music as it provides an excellent user interface and a large number of music choices that are carefully selected from among the producers of this genre. Music around the world; what’s great is that the app also has a time tracker so you can see how long you’ve been listening to music through the app.
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6. Noterly

Image showing the application: Noterly
Screenshot from the Noterly app for the article: New apps for iPhone and Android

An application that allows you to create reminders that appear within the notification panel at the time you specify. This is useful if you are afraid of forgetting to congratulate your friends on occasions and birthdays or to alert you to do specific tasks throughout the day or on pre-defined days and times. Regardless, Noterly is very easy to use and completely free as you can create reminders with just three clicks from writing the content of the reminder and deciding whether to schedule the notification to appear at a specific time with the ability to repeat the reminder at any time interval you want. One of the application’s features is that it does not delete missed reminders but instead keeps them in an archive that can be returned later to renew the reminder. In addition, the user interface is excellent, as the developer has adopted the modern design language Material You with special modifications to simplify the interface and make it change according to the colors of the screen background.
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