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New apps for Android and iPhones

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New apps for Android and iPhones: Indeed, a massive group of innovative phone applications that most users do not know, whether for Android phones or iPhones, because they are entirely new. We also carefully select them and try them on our part before recommending them to try them as well. Therefore, you will find what you want if you enjoy trying new applications on your phone.
As for today, we add a new topic to it, so let’s review a new batch of the most potent distinctive applications worth downloading or shedding light on.

1. Artifact

Image showing the program: Artifact
Image from the Artifact app for the article: New apps for Android and iPhones

Although many applications offer users the ability to view news and articles from favorite sites and well-known media organizations to follow them from one place, this application is characterized by the fact that it employs artificial intelligence to help the user find more personalized content based on his preferences. The aThe founders of the Instagram application developed artifact, and it aims to create a platform based on news and articles according to the likes of each user; unlike Google News or Feedly, Artifact will not display random articles or any article published by your favorite sites but will focus on displaying articles and news that belong to Only areas of interest, whether sports, politics, business, cinema, technology…etc.
To achieve this, the application uses AI algorithms that track the reader’s interests based on the articles read with the first use. Over time, reports matching those interests are displayed, just as in social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently, the application is limited to displaying news and articles from blogs and large media sites. Still, the user can nominate any place he wants to add to the application to be reviewed and approved by the sources later.
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2. TrueShot

Image showing TrueShot
Image from TrueShot, for the article: New apps for Android and iPhones

Suppose you tend to share screenshots from your phone a lot. In that case, whether with friends in chat applications or posting them on your page on social media sites, you will like the TrueShot application, which makes the screenshot image look professional in a few seconds, breaking the traditional format in which the screenshots are usually published.
You can choose from various backgrounds and color gradients that will appear behind the screenshot or select any image on the phone’s memory. You can then adjust the corner of the screenshot to be circular while adding a shadow and changing the dimensions to appear in the end distinctively. And if you want, you can add a watermark to the image and specify the quality in which the snapshot will be saved after modification. TrueShot is free but offers a paid version that allows access to more wallpapers and features included in the app.
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3. Dime

Image showing the program: Dime
Screenshot from the Dime app for the article: New apps for Android and iPhones

One of the best apps you can rely on to help you manage your expenses and budget effectively, Dime is an entirely free app with no ads that aims to provide a simple way to keep track of your costs, as well as help you find ways to reduce spending to save your money and stay up-to-date, what you spend your money on to keep better. The application is characterized by a beautiful and carefully designed graphical interface so that the information is arranged and displayed in a way free of complexity. It also contains many features you may not find in similar applications, such as keeping a record of expenses and revenues, scheduling the costs so that the application reminds you when the transaction is due and much more.
Dime lets you sync the budgets you set up across your other devices with iCloud and enables you to protect your data with biometric authentication. The app provides a “widget” that can be placed on both the home screen and the lock screen so that you are always up to date with the most important statistics related to the budget. Overall, it’s a helpful app if you’re looking to spend less and save more money.
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4. PDFgear

Image showing the program: PDFgear
Image from the PDFgear app for the article: New apps for Android and iPhones

A professional PDF editor and reader for iPhone phones, characterized by ease of use and great tools that will enable you to deal with PDF files efficiently without using other applications or service sites. PDFgear is free and can be used on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to read the content of a PDF file, and then you can search within the range, print the file, annotate any part, and more. In addition, you can use the application to merge or split the PDF file, rotate the orientation of the pages, delete pages from the file, convert its format to many other forms, add a watermark, or enter an electronic signature; simply the application provides all the necessary tools to control your PDF file quite easily.
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5. Unpluq

Image showing the program: Unplug
Image from the Unpluq app for the article: New apps for Android and iPhones

All modern Android phones contain the Digital Wellbeing tool from Google, which helps you track the amount of time you spend in applications on your phone, with the ability to add a timer to close the application after a certain period of use has elapsed. Still, the problem is that completing the application after the expiry of the period does not. It is mandatory and can be easily overridden with the push of a button. Unplug solves this problem by adding distractions and tasks to get back into the app again.
Unplugging allows you to add a specific application or a group of applications you try to avoid using for long periods. You specify the period during which the application/applications can be used throughout the day. Finally, select the task you must perform to reopen the application after exceeding the specified period. Many options include shaking the phone vigorously several times, scanning the QR code on any product before you, solving different puzzles, and more. It takes some time to perform these tasks, and this may distract you from using the application again until the next day. The free app might be worth a try to kick an app addiction on your phone.
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6. Auto Scroll Shorts Ads

Image showing the Auto Scroll Shorts Ads program
Image from the Auto Scroll Shorts Ads app for the article: New apps for Android and iPhones

As the name suggests, Auto Scroll Shorts Ads is an app that automatically scrolls ad clips while watching shorts within the YouTube app, so it will detect when an ad appears and move to the next one without your intervention. Its use is straightforward; after installing and running it, it will ask you to agree to the permission to work on top of the applications, so grant it, and then the option to activate/disable it will appear within the notification panel; press Enable and the application will continue to work in the background. Now you can open the YouTube app and browse the shorts as usual. Still, when you come across a promotional video between the regular clips, the app will automatically mute and scroll the video. The app is intuitive, and its settings contain helpful options such as controlling the scrolling speed and setting a timeout to bypass the Shorts trailers.
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