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New Android and iPhone games for 2023

New Android and iPhone games for 2023: Smartphone companies are constantly improving their phones and making them suitable for running the most powerful applications and fun by providing powerful processors and high-resolution screens with a high refresh rate.
Fortunately, at present, it is possible to run most applications and games on medium phones very smoothly, and there is no need to buy an expensive phone to enjoy the latest games, and if you want to download some new games on your phone to amuse your time, here are ten new games And very interesting.

1. Automatoys

Image from the game: Automatoys
Image from the Automatons game for the article: New Android and iPhone games for 2023

Start with this fantastic free iOS puzzle game where you aim to get the ball to its target by overcoming the many obstacles inside the small geometric shape.
In this format, you will find many tools to connect the ball, including ladders, hammers, elevators, and many other things to help you reach your goal.
This game has an excellent rating in the App Store with 4.9 stars, and it is available for free, but it contains paid features that you can get inside the game.
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2. Sleepin’ Guy

Image from the game: Sleepin' Guy
Image from Sleeping’ Guy, for the article: New Android and iPhone games for 2023

Sleepin’ Guy has been one of the best adventure and puzzle games available for a long time, and this game was recently released on smartphones as it became available for Android and iPhone phones. However, it is not free, as it costs approximately $ 2.99. However, it does not contain ads at all and does not include paid features.
In this game, your role is to help the older man solve the puzzles and overcome the many obstacles that appear to him, and this game has beautiful and high-quality graphics, and the way to play it is easy and fun.
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3. Dominoes

Image from the game: Dominoes
Image from the Dominoes game for the article: New Android and iPhone games for 2023

Dominoes is one of the most popular classic games around the world. Millions of people are playing it, and if you are a fan of this game and want to play it on your phone, then here is the exceptional Dominoes game that was released recently.
This game has more than 50 thousand downloads and a rating of 4.7 stars. It is a free game that does not contain ads and allows you to play and compete with people from all over the world, including competitive tournaments.
Also, this game contains different levels. You can move to the next level as you win and beat your opponents. The game is available on Android and iOS; the download links are below.
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4. AngryCup

Image from the game AngryCup
Image from the Angry Cup game for the article: New Android and iPhone games for 2023

An arcade game available on iOS where you can have a lot of fun. In this game, your mission is to help the little creature reach the end by overcoming obstacles, avoiding spikes, and escaping from monsters.
This game includes distinctive classic graphics and relatively simple control buttons. However, the game is not easy; you must practice a lot to master it. However, it is a very entertaining game and includes a lot of movements and skills that you can use to overcome obstacles and escape from monsters. Download the game for iPhone or iPad.
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5. Shoot a Ball

Image from the game: Shoot a Ball
Image from the Shoot a Ball game for the article: New Android and iPhone games for 2023

Very nice game based on physics and in this game.
You will need to shoot the ball in the right direction by determining the force and angle of the ball.
And, of course, you have to be careful because there are a lot of traps that can cause you to lose the game, including spikes and gears.
And many other obstacles.
This game comes with very distinctive 2D graphics and is colored in black only, which makes it very comfortable for the eyes, and the game is free on Android and free of ads.
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You can also browse other sections for more games. If you benefit, do not forget to comment below and share the article with your friends to enjoy playing together.

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