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New Android and iPhone apps: Without applications, we cannot take advantage of our smartphones in the best possible way.
Fortunately, the developers are doing their best to provide the best applications and valuable tools for users, which help them improve the way they use the phone and complete tasks faster, and this is what led to the development and growth of the application market for intelligent phones very quickly and dramatically.

1.Background eraser

Image from the app: Background eraser
Image of the Background eraser app for the article: New Android and iPhone apps

Using this application, you can remove the background from your images very quickly and easily, as you will not have to deal with complex image editing tools because this program will automatically deduct the environment through artificial intelligence techniques, which makes it very accurate and effective to remove backgrounds from images and change them to any other location.
It also lets you change the background color as well.
This program has many photo editing tools through which you can improve the general appearance of your photos and add aesthetic touches to them. This program is available on iPhone phones, utterly free of charge.
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2.MJ ‎PDF Reader

Screenshot from the app: MJ PDF Reader
Image of the MJ PDF Reader app, for the article: New Android and iPhone apps

There are more PDF reading apps for Android, but if you want a new and unique app, this fantastic app is free on your Android phone.
Which has an excellent and straightforward interface with which you can play and view PDF files efficiently. Through this program, you can open more than one PDF file together at the same time, and it also allows you to share or print files, and the program contains other valuable features such as night mode, the option to keep the screen on, and many other features.
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3.Measuring Tape

Image from the app: Measuring Tape
Image of Measuring Tape for the article: New Android and iPhone apps

The uses of the camera on smartphones vary greatly, and among those uses is measuring distances and lengths by simply pointing the camera to the place to be measured.
You can do this with the free Measuring Tape software for iPhone that allows you to measure distances and lengths of floors, walls, people, or other items.
It also allows you to measure complex shapes, whether 2D or 3D, and it is good that it works very accurately, as it is equipped with advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence, and it works very easily and quickly.
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Image from the app: AXshield
Image of the AXshield app for the article: New Android and iPhone apps

A free VPN application with which you can connect to the Internet through many servers from all over the world allows you to unlock content that is blocked in your country, bypass geo-restrictions, and change your IP address to hide your identity online.
This application also features end-to-end encryption, which helps you protect and secure your data.
However, this app is still in its early stages and is not best used for sensitive tasks, but if you want a free VPN to access restricted websites, this program will do the trick.
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5.Frost Writer

Screenshot from Frost Writer
Image of Frost Writer for Article: New Android and iPhone apps

It is a beneficial program for writing lovers, diaries, or composing stories and novels. It is a text editor that helps you write creatively, organize your writings and blogs, and enable you to focus a lot.
And this application supports the ability to synchronize text writings across different devices, as there is a website affiliated with the application. This program is available on iOS completely free so far, without ads or paid features. You can download it via the App Store.
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We are done here, dear reader. You can browse the rest of the sections to get new and distinctive applications and games.

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