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New and distinctive games 2023

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New and distinctive games 2023: Electronic games are essential to many people’s lives as they help you spend time, have fun, and entertain. Fortunately, many games support group play, making the pleasure much more significant as you can play with your friends and compete with them. Today it is time for our topic for the best games for Android and iPhone, and in this topic, we list the best and most important new games recently released for smartphones that are worth trying, and here is a list that includes ten great games that are worth trust

1. Momentum

Image showing the game: Momentum
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A new and entertaining fighting game. This game is simple and very light. However, it is a fun game thanks to the exciting gameplay; as in this game, you assume the role of a fighter, and you have to use the weapons and resources available to you to eliminate your opponents. This game has many features that make it one of the viewed wiek’sse weaitnitchingle, making it more fun. It is not a complicated game, as you can learn how to play it quickly, and the game is available for free on Android and iPhone, but ads are played inside the game.
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2. Core Multiplayer

Image showing the game: Core Multiplayer
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An exciting and enjoyable adventure game that takes place in the future, specifically in the year 2222, when humans manage to colonize six planets and moons in the solar system, but at the same time, wars abound. Destructive weapons appear, and you will play the pilot role in this game. Where your warplane is On the battlefield, and your task is to reach the core and capture it before it explodes. Of course, there are a lot of features that you can enjoy while playing the game, where you can pick up items that are useful to you. You can also shoot from the plane to defend yourself and many other features in this game. You can get it for free via the following links.
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3. High Octane

Image showing the game: High Octane
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It is a physics-based platform game where you can control the strange and colorful little objects inside the platform. You have to direct this object to the right path to reach the goal, and during the game’s progression, you will face a lot of enemies. Therefore you have to beware of them and collect gold coins, which You can use later to get items. This game includes four different modes you can choose from according to your desire, making it fun and dull. The game also allows you to customize your character’s appearance and change its color, and the game contains a lot of stages and is entirely free. At the moment, there are only ads in it.
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4. Lost Bits

Image showing the game: Lost Bits
Image from the game Lost Bits: for the article: New and distinctive games 2023

If you are a fan of puzzles and thinking games and pay attention to small details, then you will like this game very much, as your task is to collect all the small cubes on the platform so that you can return to your home. However, you must be careful while playing as you can lose the game quickly if you fall into one of the many obstacles. After winning each level, you can pass to the next level, as this game includes more than 30 different levels of gradual difficulty, making the game more exciting and challenging.
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5. Spiritfarer

Image showing the game: Spiritfarer
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If you are ready to play the manager role, here is this game that is available exclusively and for free to subscribers of the Netflix service. In this game, you can play the captain’s part, who leads the ship to another world on a very long and exciting journey. You can also manage, develop and manage your boat in this game. You will be able to meet many characters during the trip, and one of the great features of this game is that it includes many activities that you can do, including farming, mining, fishing, and much more.
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