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How to add a back click in Samsung

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How to add a Back click in Samsung: On all iPhones running iOS 14 or higher, as well as Google Pixel phones running Android 12, there is a handy feature called Back Tap, which allows users to perform actions such as taking a screenshot, opening the camera, viewing notifications, or Pause media, etc. by quickly pressing two or three times on the Back of the phone. But even though the feature does not require dedicated sensors, it takes advantage of the sensors already in any phone.
However, it is still not supported on all Android phones, including Samsung phones. However, as we explain below, there is more than one way to add the Back Tap feature forcibly in any Samsung phone.

1. Using the official Samsung RegiStar application

Let’s start with the official method added to the previous phones.
This method relies on the use of Good Lock. As for the downloaded add-ons, they stand out; the interface group of Samsung phones.

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So, if your Samsung phone is running Android 13, all you have to do is download the Good Lock app from the Galaxy Store, and after launching it, go to the “Life Up” section from the bottom bar and scroll down to find the “RegiStar” add-on, download it By clicking on the Download icon,
When directed to the Galaxy Store, tap the Install button below. Wait for the extension to finish installing, then go back to the Good Lock app and tap the register icon at the top. Now the contents of the add-on will appear in front of you, so choose “Back-Tap action.”

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You can activate the pushBack feature simply by activating the button at the top to be in the “on” position; from here, you can select actions according to the number of clicks in the Back.
Double-click or triple-click to display a list of available actions; Select the ones you think are helpful depending on your phone usage, such as double-tap to open the app switcher, Show recent apps, or take a screenshot to share. Take a screenshot and share it, or open a specific app by tapping Open app and choosing an app from your installed apps. In any case.
This is the only official way to activate the Back Tap feature on Samsung phones, but if your phone is not eligible to use the RegiStar add-on, there is another way.

Method 2: Using the Tap Tap app

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For users of Samsung phones or any Samsung phone incompatible with the RegiStar application.
You can add Back Tap with the help of an external app beyond Tap Tap. It is a free app dedicated to this task.

Image of Samsung Using the Tap, Tap app
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When y” you click on “Doubl” Tap Actions” for the first time after launching the application, you will notice that the developer has set pr”s “t actions, “L” un” h”Ass “stand” and “Screenshot,” which means that when you double-click on the Back of the phone, the personal assistant, whether Google or Bixby, will be launched, and when you double-click for the time Second, a screenshot will be saved.
You can add other actions.
Or delete all actions or change their order by pressing and holding the equal sign (=) next to the action name and then dragging it up or dragging it to the trash can at the bottom to delete it completely.
Download For (Tap Tap app)

Here we have finished, dear reader. You can also review the rest of the sections to obtain information and applications that may benefit you.

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