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Good iPhone and Android apps

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Good iPhone and Android apps: Dozens of new apps for smartphones appear every day on both the Play Store and the App Store, but knowing which ones are worth a try can be tricky, so we comb the app stores weekly to try out new apps and decide which ones deserve the title of best reviewed by previous articles.
So whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, you will find at least one app to make you get the most out of that phone. With that in mind, you should try out some unique Android and iPhone apps.

1. Loc

Image for application: Loc
Image from the Loc app for the article: Good iPhone and Android apps

Arab hands developed it, a reminder application based on GPS technology. Simply put, Loc helps you remember anything as soon as you arrive at a particular place according to predetermined instructions, such as watering the plants when you get home.
Or to buy a particular product when you get to the supermarket or whatever else you can imagine, you can do it with Loc. The application interface is not as consistent as it should be. Still, it remains clear and straightforward as you write what you want to be reminded of and then set the interface or the place to go to it using the included map, knowing that the application will notify you as soon as you are in the exact location.
However, you can control the display of the reminder before reaching the interface by a certain distance. Perhaps the essential characteristic of the application is its ability to work whether the phone is connected or not connected to the Internet.
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2. Poe

Image for application: Poe
Image from Poe’s app, for the article: Good iPhone and Android apps

An optional app provided by the question-and-answer social network Quora aims to help users chat with different AI bots from one place. Poe’s app is free, doesn’t display ads, and has a straightforward interface. And the great thing is that it supports chatting in almost all languages.
Where all the robots interact with the same efficiency as the Arabic language, the app is available to everyone if you have a Quora account.
Peo currently relies on three different bots.
Two are from OpenAI, the developer of the popular ChatGPT program, and the third is based on a language model from Anthropic. Bringing together several bots in one interface gives the user multiple options to get answers from different angles.
Since each bot has its way of performing different tasks according to the sources from which it gets its information, we can take advantage of this to get various opinions. And to enhance the app’s power, any developer with an AI model can integrate it into Peo to provide more accurate answers on specific topics like math, science, or others.
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3. Shotcom

Image courtesy of Shotcom
Image from Shotcom app, for the article: Good iPhone and Android apps

A free application that helps you compress images to reduce their size or adjust the dimensions of ideas in terms of height and width, with the ability to process a batch of images at one time. Shotcom is an excellent choice for speeding up sharing of high-quality photos or saving phone storage space by compressing space-consuming photos. The application supports all small images, including JPG, PNG, JPEG, and others.
It also features an automatic compression option that uses artificial intelligence to choose the best image resolution and quality before compression based on the content so that if the image includes text, it is not distorted after reduction. The simple graphical interface makes it easy to handle the application and get the best results every time.
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4. Wallaroo

Screenshot of the app: Wallaroo
Image from the Wallaroo app for the article: Good iPhone and Android apps

If you are a fan of constantly changing the wallpaper on your phone and are always looking for distinctive wallpapers, then the Wallaroo app offers you a wide range of wallpapers that give your phone a fantastic and eye-catching look. This app was developed by the same team as Twitterrific, the popular Twitter account management app, and is free for limited use.
Wallaroo features many wallpapers arranged in categories like nature, anime, etc., and new collections are added weekly. All wallpapers are of high quality. Most of them are available in different colors to suit all tastes; they can be set as wallpaper for the lock screen, home screen, or both from the application after pressing “Set Wallpaper.”
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5. Tooly

Image of the app: Tooly
Image from the Tooly app for the article: Good iPhone and Android apps

Tooly combines many useful widgets under one interface, including photo editors, text generators and editors, calculators, and unit converters.
Development tools and more, all for free and working offline. The devices are available in a well-designed and easy-to-use application.
The application will be updated frequently to add new utilities so that the user avoids installing multiple applications that perform similar tasks.
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6. Interval Timer

Screenshot of the application: Interval Timer
Image from the Interval Timer app for the article: Good iPhone and Android apps

iPhones already have a pretty good timer tool that works. Still, the Interval Timer app aims to provide a more direct experience for managing workouts that rely heavily on timers, whether running, cycling, or at the gym.
Whatever. The application interface is devoid of ads and unnecessary elements and focuses only on the timer, where you find the start button, which is the same as the pause and reset button; you can customize several rounds of the countdown and set a time interval between each game for the rest time. The interval Timer stays running in the background even after the phone is off, with the ability to set a music clip to play as soon as the countdown starts.
Overall, it is a simple timer app, but it has the necessary functions to give you the desired exercise experience.
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You can also review the previous sections for more applications. And do not forget to include a comment below if you benefited.

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