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free games for Android and iPhone: The experience of free games is fun and entertaining in leisure time. Also, most or a few applications are fun for us, as we show you five fun and free games you can try in your spare time.
You also offer five fun free games that you can try and will amaze you.
There are also more games in the rest of our sections. You can review the rest of the areas and get more fun and applications that may be useful to you.

Offroad Unchained

Game image: Offroad Unchained
Pictures of Offroad Unchained, for the article:  free games for Android and iPhone

It is a car racing game that you can take on your racing journey against many players from all over the world, or you can play with friends or already alone.
The free game provides an unprecedented car racing experience in other racing games.
Where there are many rugged and dusty roads with gravel, snowy terrain, or even in the forests
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Blob Dash

Game image: Blob Dash
Blob Dash game pictures for the article:  free games for Android and iPhone

A simple game launched recently on the Google Play Store is free, and its size is also light. In Blob Dash, you have to walk to the end of the road, controlling the player’s character by jumping or going back in time to avoid obstacles that appear on the way.
The gameplay is expected, the graphics are calm, and the background music is not annoying, so it is an ideal game to pass the time and have fun.
Keep your concentration level high to pass the hurdles and achieve a high score at each level. The game is still in its infancy, as the developer promises the arrival of new features and additions to the game, such as allowing the ability to customize new, more complex levels and share them with friends, in addition to offering an infinite level to play without a specific endpoint.
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Juggly Ball

Game image: Juggly Ball
Pictures of the Juggly Ball game for the article:  free games for Android and iPhone

Well, here is this game where your task is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, but the game is more complex than you can imagine.
The game, of course, is entirely free, but it is currently available for iPhone devices only; the style of play makes it an excellent option for entertainment in leisure time.
It is easy to learn but impossible to master. At the beginning of the game, there will be one ball that you have to press constantly so that it does not fall on the iron tongues.
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World of Juice

Game image: World of Juice
Pictures of the World of Juice game for the article:  free games for Android and iPhone

It is a gas game available for free, of course, on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store.
Your task in this game is to draw a line that will help the juice flow to fill the glass.
At each stage, the subject of the source and the cup changes, in addition to the presence of obstacles that change the path of the liquids directly on the cup. The game requires some intelligence in the advanced levels to draw the line correctly and reach higher levels.
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Game image: Llamagotchi
Tamagotchi game pictures for the article:  free games for Android and iPhone

This game is one of the free games on the App Store, and it is free, as there are no in-game purchases.
It is not the only reason you try this game now, but the level of graphics in the game may make you addicted, of course.
Where the player fights battles and wanders, including climbing mountains in natural areas around the world
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We have finished here, dear reader. You can browse the other sections to get more games and applications that will be useful to you.

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