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Fix iPhone camera not working

Fix iPhone camera not working: Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, the possibility of the phone being exposed to malfunctions and problems is very high. Some of these malfunctions may be software problems, so the last solution you will resort to is formatting the device, as it is not that big of a problem. Still, I am sure that hardware problems And the idea of an internal malfunction in the phone are a nightmare for many of them personally; among these common problems is the phone camera stopping working, whether it is the front camera blocking, the appearance of a black screen, or even the camera application stopping working, when you hear that the phone camera It does not work, the first thing you will think of is a hardware problem. Still, in reality, most of these problems are software problems. In this article, we collected the most common iPhone camera problems for you and what solutions you can follow to solve these problems.

1. Tenorshare ReiBoot

Image illustrating: ReiBoot
Image from ReiBoot, for the article: Fix iPhone camera not working

This unique software is designed to fix a lot of iOS problems. For example, suppose the iPhone camera does not work. In that case, the program can solve the phone’s problem of being stuck in recovery mode, having a black screen, booting during boot, and other common errors in Apple devices. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use tool that allows its users to fix their iOS devices without any experience and no need to learn anything.

Here are some of its great features: iOS system fixes, most system problems are solved with just one click, it is compatible and integrated with all Apple phones and systems versions, not to mention it is easy to use and repair without losing any information on the phone, what more do you want? Just download and install it and start experiencing its unique features immediately from this link. Tenorshare ReiBoot.

2. The iPhone’s rear camera shows a black screen

Image showing: camera shows a black screen
The image of the camera shows a black screen for the article: Fix iPhone camera not working.

Open the camera application on your iPhone and find that the back camera appears as a black screen. The reason for this problem may be that the camera application has stopped, or there are some malfunctions in the user settings or even the presence of some applications that have not occurred for a while, and to fix this problem, we suggest the following:
Force the camera app to be closed: by pressing twice on the home button, but if your phone has a scroll-up feature instead of the home button, scroll up and press and hold on the screen until you see a preview of all open applications, as shown in the image above, Now swipe up the Camera app until it disappears.
Please turn off the VoiceOver feature: As some users reported that it causes problems with the camera, you can turn it off by going to Settings, then Accessibility, then VoiceOver, and turning it off.
Restart the phone: by pressing and holding the on and off buttons on the side, and at the same time, press the volume up button until a bar appears on the screen, and use the upper bar to turn off the phone, then turn the phone on again.

3. iPhone camera crack

Image showing: iPhone camera crack
Image from iPhone camera crack, for the article: Fix iPhone camera not working

Suppose there is irritation when opening the iPhone camera. In that case, this may be due to the presence of a defective application running in the background, the phone storage space being entire, even the iPhone being in Low Power mode, or perhaps the iOS system is old and not updated, and to solve this problem we suggest you the following:
Force stop the camera application: As we mentioned earlier, control the camera application by double-pressing the home button, but if your phone has a scroll-up feature instead of the home button, then scroll up and press and hold on the screen until you see a preview of all open applications, and now swipe the camera app up until it disappears.
Disable Low Power Mode: This mode is designed to limit your phone’s performance to charging the battery. You will notice that the battery icon at the top right will be yellow instead of green or red. To turn it off, go to Settings, then Battery, and then Turn off the mode.
Free up some storage space: As we mentioned earlier, the lack of storage space may cause the problem of camera lag, so for this, you have to check the storage space by going to Storage, then General, then iPhone Storage, and in case you find that the free space is very little, you need to free up some enough space, We advise you, for example, to start with photos through the Gemini Photos app as this app will help you delete duplicate images and old videos that you may not need.
Update the iOS: You should always make sure that the operating system or what is called iOS is updated, and to do so, open Settings, then General, then Software Update, then check for new updates and install them if necessary.

4. iPhone front camera not working

Image showing: iPhone front camera not working
Image from iPhone front camera not working, for the article: Fix iPhone camera not working.

Suppose the front camera, the selfie camera, does not work. In that case, this may be due to several reasons, including the presence of something blocking the front camera or that the camera application needs to be restarted, and to fix this problem, we suggest some solutions:
Clean the front camera: This may seem obvious. Still, in many cases, the phone cover or screen protector may be covering the phone’s front camera unintentionally, so make sure everything is in its correct place.
Flip the camera: Sometimes the camera app stops or freezes temporarily, so flipping the phone camera solves the problem, so open the camera app, then click on the flip camera icon to the back camera, then flip the camera back to the front camera.
Try another camera application: Research that you can enter the App Store and download another camera application such as FaceTime, and if you find that the front camera works without problems, you now need to format the device.

If you have a different problem, do not forget to include the issue below in a comment, and we will respond and download an article that solves your situation. Do not forget to share the report with friends.

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