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Download the latest and best Android / iPhone apps for this week

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Download the latest and best Android / iPhone apps for this week: Developers are still constantly working on making new applications for Android and iPhone phones, which provide us with professional features and new functions that can help us accomplish many tasks. No matter how many phone applications have been developed or reached, there is still a lot of space for setting and creating new applications, and today is our weekly date for the best Android applications And the iPhone.
Below we present to you ten handy applications, including an Internet browser for Android that supports the installation of add-ons and applications for currency conversion through the phone’s camera.
And many more significant and helpful apps.


Lemur Browser

Lemur Browser
Lemur Browser app image for the article: best Android / iPhone apps

One of the best new applications released for Android phones this week is the Lemur Browser, which provides you with many great features, including speed and security. Still, the essential element of this browser is that it allows you to install add-ons easily and is built on the Chromium kernel.
This allows you to take full advantage of most of Chrome’s features on this browser.
This browser works with the Baidu search engine by default, but you can change it to Google or any other search engine through the settings.

Download Android (Lemur Browser

Proton Drive

Proton Drive
Proton Drive app image for the article: best Android / iPhone apps

New for Android and iPhone phones, it specializes in cloud storage and file sharing over the Internet, and this application works on sharing files from one end to the other, which provides you with a lot of speed and security.
This app can store any file on the cloud, including photos, videos, documents, and more. You can also get a link to share the file with anyone easily. The app offers several other valuable features, including offline browsing and playing files.
As well as the ability to organize files by moving, renaming, or deleting them, you can download the application via the Play Store or App Store from the following links.

Download (Android_iOS)


IRMO app image for the article: best Android / iPhone apps

Although the idea of this application is still new and needs a lot of work and development, this application works effectively. It is extraordinary as it is a drawing tool through artificial intelligence and can turn your ideas and fantasies into amazing artistic drawings.
All you need to do is write a short description of the image or drawing that you want to get, and the application will work using a lot of pre-existing ideas and with the help of artificial intelligence to remove the images that you wish to, and this application is available for free on Android phones and iPhones

Download (Android_iOS


AR CAM app image for the article: best Android / iPhone apps

A straightforward application for converting currencies through the phone’s camera benefits travelers to foreign countries. It would be best if you pointed the phone’s camera toward the price written in foreign currency. The application will immediately convert it into your local cash, which supports more than 150 currencies at a time. It is also completely free but contains ads.

Download Android ( AR CAM


Lemur Browser
Lemur Browser app image for the article: best Android / iPhone apps

Straightforward for iOS The job of this app, in a nutshell, is to add a panel on your phone’s home screen to display your calendar and reminders together in one place where the app shows you all the days of the month and the events recorded for each day.
This application is currently available on the App Store for iOS, and it is not free, as it costs $ 1.99, and you can get it via the following link.

Download ios (Onward


Uncover the app image for the article: best Android / iPhone apps

Suppose you are a fan of reading books. In that case, this is a very cool Android phone application representing a global community of readers. This application helps you search for new books to read and explore the distinguished lists created by other users.
You can search for books in this application by typing the title, author, or topics, and it also helps you organize and group the books you prefer. You can also create your list and download the application free via the following link.

Download Android (Uncover)

More apps

Keyboard2 for iPhone: A new keyboard application for iPhone phones, and although it looks very similar to a regular keyboard, it provides many features to help you write better.

Daily Weights app for iPhone: This application helps you track your weight daily and your health in general through data and charts, and it also provides you with valuable health tips

You can also search for other programs or games, and do not forget to include a comment below with a link with your friends.

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