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Download new games for 2023

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Download new games for 2023: The mobile games industry continues to increase, and hardly a day goes by without a new game appearing for the mobile platform, whether we are talking about Android phones or iPhones. In turn, we continue to highlight new and notable titles worth trying. Unfortunately, the Play Store or App Store does not contain a list of new games that are included. So our Best Games series is a suitable alternative to make it easier for mobile gamers to find brand-new games. So let’s look at the batch of premium games that have just arrived and are ready for you to try and rate also.

1. Daily Dadish

Game image: Daily Dadish
Image from the Daily Dadish game for the article: Download new games for 2023

The Danish game is not new. Still, there are several parts of it, and it has wide popularity that has exceeded millions of downloads on the innovative phone platform. Still, recently a new version has been launched that takes a different approach from the previous parts. In Daily Dadish, there are 365 stages, that is, a stage for every day of the year! Yes, it is an adventure game that lasts a whole year.
Each stage can only be played for one day, so you must pass all stages as evenly as possible. The game’s story is the search for the children of a character named Dadish after they went missing on a suspicious field trip.
All you have to do is face everything that gets in your way in the different game environments, whether in the desert, the ocean, or the underground. The game’s control is effortless and comes with consistent and creative graphics. It also includes a great soundtrack accompanied by a funny story dialogue.
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2. Endling

Game picture: Endling
Image from Endling game, for the article: Download new games for 2023

Powers is a video game launched for the mobile platform at the beginning of this year; However, it; s not new, as it has existed for a while on the PC platform; the developer HandyGames recently decided to launch a smartphone version.
It is a decisive game with a touching story whose hero is the last fox on the planet, and your role is to keep not only him but his cubs alive as long as possible. Lots of sad moments, but most of them are positive moments that will entice you to continue playing to see the end of the story.
There are several missions to complete with great care, multiple maps to explore, and new types of environments to encounter, so you won’t get bored no matter how far you advance in the game. Besides the gripping story, the darkly gorgeous graphics and art design are another attraction that enhances the experience of the game. Overall, Endling is a unique game and well worth it… didn’t I tell you yet! The game is not free, but it is not expensive either.
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3. Janken Samurai

Game picture: Janken Samurai
Image from the game Janken Samurai, for the article: Download new games for 2023

Janken Samurai follows the lines of the well-known hand-to-hand game “Rock-Paper-Scissors,” where you are in a combative confrontation between samurai.
But you have to prepare for the fatal blow after the end of the countdown, which can be set before starting to be 5 or 10 seconds, and when advancing in the levels, you will be allowed to shorten the countdown to one second. What makes the challenge fun is that the opponent’s abilities are not affected by the progression of the stages, as you may be defeated from the first stage, while you easily win in the later stages, which you thought were difficult. The game features a Leaderboard that displays the most skilled players from all over the world.
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4. SuperTrucks Offroad Racing

Game picture: SuperTrucks Offroad Racing
Image from SuperTrucks Offroad Racing, for the article: Download new games for 2023

A new truck racing game, very entertaining if you like this type of game in general, SuperTrucks Offroad Racing has many races under challenging conditions like racing on bumpy roads with somewhat impossible conditions like drifting for a certain amount of time without touching the opponent’s trucks.
Or sticking to a certain speed during the race, and so on, but it is an atmosphere that keeps your enthusiasm to continue playing and taking on challenges. You can customize and upgrade your truck with the rewards you get after each stage.
There are also many models and maps designed in a semi-realistic way, but the graphics of the game are excellent. In terms of performance, the game runs smoothly even on weak phones, but if you have a phone with solid capabilities, you can set the graphics settings to Ultra to enjoy a unique visual experience.
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5. Duplicado

Game picture: Duplicado
Image from the game Duplicado, for the article: Download new games for 2023

A delightful puzzle game that will challenge your brain intelligence while giving you a whiff of relaxation. The idea of the game is simply that there is an agricultural field in which some parts are arable; all you have to do is move the kernel of the avocado fruit to place it inside those parts to produce new fruit. Well, the idea looks pretty intuitive and easy.
But the problem is that moving the nucleus does not take place step by step; instead, it moves along the squares, and only another fruit stops it from changing its direction, which is a required condition on some levels.
In any case, the game will seem easy at first, but over time, you will find yourself so confused that you will have to repeat the stage several times to discover the correct solution to the puzzle. The great thing is that there is no infinite number of locations; once you pass the current location, an entirely new set is created with a more complex puzzle. Thus you have an unlimited number of unique puzzles to discover
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We have finished our explanation, dear reader. You can also review previous articles to get more games and applications.

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