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Display different time zones windows 11

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Display different time zones windows 11: If you travel a lot or have co-workers, friends, or family members in faraway time zones, keeping track of the time of the city they are in is very important, for example, to make sure you don’t call at inconvenient times. Usually, you can find the time zone for any city by searching the Internet. Still, if you are using Windows on a computer, you can add multiple clocks for different time zones to the taskbar, which makes this much more accessible. You do not need to install additional software, as the Windows clock provides the advantage of displaying the local time in different cities worldwide. Below we review how to activate and use it on Windows 11.

By default, the clock pinned to the taskbar in Windows displays the local time based on your geographic location, but you can add up to two hours beside the watch that displays the local time. The additional two hours can be in a different time zone, but the times will be synced to the base local time. There are multiple ways to display more than one time for different time zones on Windows 11, but the easiest way is through the Settings app, as we explain in the following lines.

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As we indicated, you do not need to download and install additional programs on the device; all you have to do is open the Settings application from the Start menu or by pressing the Win + letter I (e) keys together on the keyboard, then go to the Time & Language section and then go to the page Date & time and then scroll down to the “Related links” section and click on the Additional clocks option.

A new window will appear; put a checkmark (✔) next to the first Show this clock option and choose from the drop-down list the time zone you want to display. After that, select a name to tag this clock; you can write anything. For example, you can enter the name of the time zone or the name of the city. You can even type in the name of the people you know or your team within that time zone. However, activating the second Show allows this clock option to add a second clock for a different time zone. When finished, click “OK” to save the changes.

Image showing: Time & Language
Screenshot from Time & Language, article: Display different time zones windows 11

The additional clocks will no longer appear visually under the taskbar clock, it will still display only the local time, but you can tell the time in selected time zones in two ways. First, hover your mouse pointer and pass it to the taskbar clock. A hint window will appear showing the date in conjunction with different times, starting with your local time and the other watches you enable — as shown in the attached image above.

Image showing: Time & Language
Screenshot from Time & Language, article: Display different time zones windows 11

The second method is to press the taskbar clock, where a panel appears showing the calendar in addition to the clock, and above, you will see the times in two other specific time zones directly below the local time zone. As such, you can now see the time in cities worldwide with just the taskbar clock. Note also that this method works in all previous versions of Windows, even Windows 7, but with different steps.

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