Change the dimensions of many images

Change the dimensions of many images: Suppose you have photos from different sources and are trying to use them in a blog post or add them to a project you are working on. In that case, you may want to adjust those images’ dimensions (height and width measurements) in bulk instead of editing each image one by one, which is cumbersome and wastes your time. Great time. Or maybe you need to if you plan to post pictures in the perfect dimensions for each social media platform. Regardless of the reason, fortunately, there are many applications and tools to perform this exact purpose, and below we highlight the best programs that we have tried to change the height and width of a batch of images with the click of a button.

1. VOVSOFT – Batch Image Resizer

Image showing the program: VOVSOFT - Batch Image Resizer
Image from VOVSOFT – Batch Image Resizer, for the article: Change the dimensions of many images

One of the simplest and easiest programs to turn to when you need to resize multiple images in one go quickly. Batch Image Resizer has a very intuitive and straightforward graphical interface; all you need to get started by adding a single image or group of pictures via drag and drop or manually adding the image file/folder. Knowing that the supported formats are not many, it covers the most common ones: JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF.
Once you have added the images, you can move on to the next step, selecting the appropriate dimensions per your preferences. You can specify the dimensions in percentage or pixels and choose whether to replace the original copies of the images with the modified versions or add the new documents separately. Then when everything is set, press Process, and the photos will be resized immediately. Don’t expect Batch Image Resizer to do more than its name suggests. It’s a simple, single-tasking program. This simplicity makes it ideal for anyone who constantly needs to quickly change the random dimensions of a set of images into uniform dimensions.

2. XnResize

Image showing the program: XnResize
Image from XnResize, for the article: Change the dimensions of many images

A completely free program that can help you resize or resize image files to the exact dimensions you want, XnResize supports hundreds of formats that can process many images simultaneously. The program comes with a straightforward interface that makes its use very easy, all you need is to add the photos whose dimensions you need to change, and then it will guide you through all the necessary settings to adjust. The most important one will be when you get to the “Action” tab, where you can choose a preset or manually select the new dimensions, whether in pixels, centimeters, inches, or percentages, depending on preference. XnResize also allows resizing almost any existing image type, supporting more than 500 formats. In addition, you can use it to rotate a batch of photos with a single click whenever you want. Regardless, when you reach the Output stage, you can choose whether to delete files with the same name or keep the images with their name changed. Overall, while the program only does one job, its number of features is enough to make me recommend it to anyone.

3. Free Batch Photo Resizer

Image showing the program: Free Batch Photo Resizer
Image from Free Batch Photo Resizer, for the article: Change the dimensions of many images

Another program is worth mentioning, which is easy to use to adjust the dimensions of a group of images simultaneously. Free Batch Photo Resizer’s interface is straightforward, and everything is done through the main screen directly. Once launched, you can add pictures by pressing Add Files. The program only supports JPG, PNG, and BMP formats for images. As frustrating as this may be, these formats are the most common. After adding the photos to the program, select the new dimensions from the New Size section, whether in pixels or relative length and width. You can also activate the “Keep original aspect ratio” option to maintain consistency in length or width so that the images do not expand in a way that gives a wrong impression. Finally, you select the location to save the photos with the new dimensions by pressing the button (…) in the Output folder section below. Once you click on Resize, the process of adjusting the sizes begins. That’s it! The program is clear and simple and provides one straightforward function without complications.

4. Microsoft PowerToys

Image showing the program: Microsoft PowerToys
Image via Microsoft PowerToys, for the article: Changing the dimensions of many images

Microsoft’s PowerToys is a well-known program that offers many helpful features to increase productivity or add more customization to the user interface. I consider it one of the most powerful and best Microsoft tools to improve how we use Windows daily. Through this tool, many tasks can be performed, such as changing the functions of keyboard buttons, launching programs quickly, organizing open windows of equal sizes like the Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11, or renaming more than one file at once. The computer works even when there are no ongoing activities or a specific key on the keyboard is disabled.

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