Best Ways to View FPS Counter

Best ways to view the FPS counter: Frames per second are defined as a measure of the performance of your device, specifically the graphics card, where games mean if the rate is 20 or 30 frames per second, then it is too low. So you will suffer from stuttering and slowness while running the game. While if this rate is 60 FPS or higher, the animation effects in the game are better and smoother. We have already explained in a previous topic the impact of FPS on the quality of game rendering, so I advise you to review it to understand the meaning of this term better. The important thing is how to keep track of your FPS while playing a game to evaluate performance.

There are many methods for this purpose, but let us in this article highlight the best and most accessible of these methods so that you can display the framerate counter within the games so that you periodically check the capabilities of your graphics card and whether or not you need to adjust the graphics settings to improve the performance of your favorite games.

Xbox Game Bar

Image showing the program: Xbox Game Bar
Image from Xbox Game Bar, article: Best Ways to View FPS Counter

On recent versions of Windows, there is a pre-installed app called Xbox Game Bar that provides handy tools for players to access from within games, such as a volume control tool, a screen capture tool (record photos or videos), a tool for playing music, etc., These tools are generally helpful for anyone, not just gamers. In addition, it allows the consumption rate of the device’s resources to be displayed permanently on the screen so that you can follow the consumption of the processor, graphics card, or RAM without opening the tool’s task manager.

In games, the Xbox Game Bar app can easily display the frame counter; launch the game and press Win + G together on your keyboard. Once activated, the toolbar should appear on the screen. Start the performance statistics window by clicking the performance icon from the top bar. After the performance window appears in the Xbox Game Bar interface, you will find FPS indicators to display the frame rate every second. You can customize this panel with color, size, and transparency by clicking the Performance Options settings button.

Image showing the program: Xbox Game Bar
Image from Xbox Game Bar, article: Best Ways to View FPS Counter

Now you need to drag the Performance window and put it in a suitable place on the screen so that it does not affect the gaming experience; after that, press the “Pin” icon in the window bar. Thus it has been installed so that you can continue playing and watching FPS updates simultaneously, as shown In the image attached above.


Image showing the program: Steam
Image from Steam, for the article: Best Ways to View FPS Counter

Whether you use the Steam program to manage and play your favorite games you purchased through the platform or as a library to collect and run all the other games installed on your computer, you can use the integrated framerate counter. To activate it, you must open the program, click View, and Settings to open the settings window. From the side menu, go to the “In-Game” section, then on the right side, open the In-game FPS counter drop-down menu, and from there, select the position of the FPS counter on the screen, such as displaying it in the upper left or upper right… and so on.

After completion, run any game through the program, and you will see the frame rate counter at the specified position; it will appear permanently on the screen so that you can constantly follow any changes in the frame rate. But here, you will notice an issue is that the counter is relatively small and discreet, so you might have a hard time seeing it if you are playing on a large screen. Unfortunately, there is no way to control the font size, so you can use this method or try any other form.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Image showing the program: NVIDIA GeForce Experience
Image from NVIDIA GeForce Experience software for the article: Best Ways to View FPS Counter

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience program provides many features besides updating the graphics card definition and recording screenshots from within the games. This program has handy functions, such as adding a frame counter in the game. To do this, launch the program and then click on the “gear” icon in the upper right to go to the settings page; after that, go to the General section and ensure that the In-Game Overlay feature is activated. After that, launch the game and press the Alt+R keys together; the Performance Overlay window should now appear where all the performance information is displayed, including the FPS rate, as shown in the image above.


Image showing the program: Fraps
Image from Fraps, for the article: Best Ways to View FPS Counter

Before the frame counter feature was added to programs such as Steam and GeForce Experience, the preferred program for gamers to perform this task was the Fraps program, as it displays the FPS counter within any game and clearly. This program is mainly designed to record videos and run benchmarks, but as a secondary function, it can install an FPS counter within games. So, if you are not a Steam user or do not have an NVIDIA graphics card to use GeForce Experience, you can try Fraps.

All you have to do is install and run it, then go to the FPS section to adjust the settings for displaying this counter on the screen in terms of position or to change its appearance and hide button, which by default is F12, but it can be changed through the Overlay Hotkey field. After completion, close the program, and it will continue to run in the background, so when you run a game on the computer and press F12 on the keyboard, the frame counter will be displayed immediately.

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