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Best new free games for Android and iPhone

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Best new free games for Android and iPhone: Several new games have been launched over the past few days to give gamers a chance to have fun
Now let’s continue our ongoing series with you, a new topic and completely new games that you will know for the first time to have fun and spend time alone or with friends.

Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited

Image from the game: Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited
Image of Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited، game photo for the article: The best new free games for Android and iPhone

A new Netflix exclusive to Narcos, a new game that sheds light on the life of a cocaine lord.
The game does not represent the details of the series at all but uses the story and turns it into a strategy game.
In Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited, the player builds a cartel empire and gang from scratch, starting with recruitment. Members build defensive forts and collect a variety of assassins.
Upgrading and using them to defend your base, you can send gang teams to grab resources from other players’ gangs.
Or team up with other players to form cartels and lay siege to enemy cartel complexes in enlarged campaigns.

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Quick Rally

Image from the game: Quick Rally
Quick Rally game photo for the article: The best new free games for Android and iPhone

It is a racing game where you need to drive a car at maximum speed on bumpy roads and zigzag tracks, and the goal is to reach the finish within the time limit. Quick Rally is entirely free and fun.
You can unlock new tracks and cars over time when you beat custom challenges released weekly.
The game has intuitive controls and a set of progressively more complicated stages. Thus it could be the perfect game to keep you entertained in your spare time.

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Flash Party

Image from the game: Flash Party
Flash Party game image for the article: The best new free games for Android and iPhone

It is a multi-platform fighting game that is also available for the PC platform and is free to play, with many matches to play online or offline. Flash Party is very similar to the game.
It is a series of mixed martial arts games.
The players compete against their opponents on the battlefield and aim to topple the opponent and bring him down. The game includes more than 20 characters to play with, the characters differ in their fighting skills and abilities, so they are divided into four classes of heroes, and each class specializes in a different style of play.
The game also includes 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, and many combat battles can be fought in an exciting atmosphere.

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Punch Kick Duck

Image from the game: Punch Kick Duck
Punch Kick Duck game image for the article: The best new free games for Android and iPhone

The newest and most potent comic game you can try now, Punch Kick Duck, is an exceptional game, and it is recommended to try it to break the boredom in your free time.
It’s free, and the gameplay is uncomplicated. It’s a 2D side-scrolling game where you take the main character to the finish line.
But along the way, you will face hordes of enemies who will attack you to death, but all you have to do is kick or punch them! To get out of the way to reach the end of each stage, the graphics of the game are stunning and look simple, but they are full of details, and also, the movement of the characters is funny. The game is not very difficult.

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Devolver Tumble Time

Image from the game: Devolver Tumble Time
Devolver Tumble Time game image, for the article: The best new free games for Android and iPhone

A very entertaining puzzle game to kill time, in Devolver Tumble Time, a group of differently shaped heads is piled up inside a closed loop.
But some of them are similar. The game’s rules are simple; select all similar heads in minimum time to win the game. It seems not complicated at all, but once you understand the essence of the game, the challenges will be more and more complex, but it attracts you with all its might from beginning to end. So get ready to solve tons of challenging puzzles! The free game includes many boosts to help you similar clear heads faster. You will also get rewards for unlocking new characters and customized daily challenges.

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We finished explaining the new games here. You can browse the rest of the sections to get more matches.

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