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Best new computer software: In this topic, we review another batch of newly launched programs that everyone should download and try. Don’t say that out of the blue! Each program we discuss here was chosen from the many other programs we have tried over the past, so we are always keen to review the best. Without further ado, let’s start listing the new programs through the following lines.

1. OpenStego

Image illustrating: OpenStego
Image from OpenStego, for the article: Best new computer software

A program to hide any file on the computer using steganography where the hidden data appears in another form; in this case, the other state is an image. OpenStack is an entirely free program that provides a simple way to encrypt and hide files containing sensitive information within images. The program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems but was programmed in Java. Therefore you must ensure that you install Java for Windows version for it to work without problems.
After running OpenStego, all you have to do to hide a file within an image is select Hide data, then in the Message file field, add the file you want to hide. Then, in the Cover file field, specify the image in which the file will be hidden, knowing that the program supports many image formats such as WebP, PNG, JPG, GIF, and others. In the Output field, specify the location to save the image that contains the hidden file, and upon completion, select the encryption algorithm and password, then click Hide data. It will only take a moment to obtain the image.

The new image can usually be viewed using any program, but the only way to access the hidden file inside is by decrypting it with OpenStack. To do so, select the Extract data option, add the image, then select the folder where you want to extract the hidden file, and after entering the password, press Extract data to decrypt. That’s it; OpenStego is an excellent option for hiding sensitive files.

2. Icecream Photo Editor

Image illustrating: Icecream Photo Editor
Image from Icecream Photo Editor, for the article: Best new computer software

A fantastic program to edit and enhance image files with just a few clicks, Icecream Photo Editor comes with a wide range of essential photo editing tools, from adding annotations such as shapes and arrows to adding text, as well as options to crop or change the dimensions of the image and blur certain parts of it through to the image enhancement tools that It allows you to adjust levels of brightness, contrast, shadows, color saturation…etc., with an option to make the necessary adjustments automatically. The program also provides a set of color filters to improve the image’s appearance with the click of a button.

Icecream Photo Editor also features image mixing, where you can use an image to enhance another shot, and also provides the ability to add emoji stickers and a picture via the webcam; there is also a tool dedicated to protecting ideas by adding watermarks in various forms. Some additional features are worth mentioning, such as adding frames to the photo or collaging several pictures in one shot under different creative structures. Apart from image editing, the program also includes a function to browse images from folders and supports almost all popular image formats.
In general, Icecream Photo Editor is considered one of the best light programs for photo editing, as it provides a set of tools that do not deviate from the basic needs of users. It comes with a straightforward and carefully organized graphical interface for easy access to tools. So we think it’s worth a try now, especially since it’s free.

3. WiGui

Image illustrating: WiGui
Screenshot from WiGui, for the article: Best new computer software

It is a free program that serves as a store for installing almost any program on your computer using the WinGet commands available in recent Windows versions. WiGui is an easy-to-use and completely free program that aims to provide a quick way to find, download, and install software with minimal effort. To start, type in the program name you want to install and hit the Search button. The program will search for name matches in the WinGet database, and you must select the program to download from the “Select the matching Winget AppID” list and then press the “Add to List” button. You can repeat the same step to add all the programs you need, and when finished, press the “Install” button to start downloading and installing the programs on your device immediately.
The program offers other advantages, such as extracting the List of programs you have added and saved it to an external file. It is sometimes helpful in installing the same programs on multiple computers without re-creating the List on each machine. Another exciting thing about the program is that it can delete a group of programs in one go. Click on List installed and delete the programs you need from the List; the remaining programs are removed after pressing Uninstall.

In addition to the above, WiGui comes with another tool called WAU (downloaded separately), which constantly checks for new software updates and silently downloads the latest available versions in the background. All in all, it’s a great program and worth a try.

4. Nearby Share for Windows

Image illustrating: Nearby Share for Windows
Image from Nearby Share for Windows, for the article: Best new computer software

A new program from Google that works as a link to wirelessly exchange files between Android phones and Windows devices through the Nearby Share feature, which is part of the Android system, starting from Android 6 and above. Nearby Share for Windows is undoubtedly free but still in beta and undergoing continuous development. The program comes with a clean graphical interface based on the Material You design language and can be easily handled to transfer photos, videos, documents, audio files, and even folders quickly between the phone and the computer, depending on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the only condition is that the devices are connected to the same router.

5. BingGPT

Image illustrating: BingGPT
Image from BingGPT, for the article: Best new computer software

It provides a quick way to converse with Bing’s built-in AI bot independent of a web browser. BingGPT is a free and open-source program that allows users to quickly access Bing chats through a clean interface utterly irrelevant to a web browser, Microsoft Edge, or any other. And not just Bing chats but also provides quick access to a ‘Compose’ text generator where AI can write an email or paragraph on any topic on your terms.
The program is light in size and can be installed on your device, or you download the portable version to use BingGPT without installation, then place it on your desktop or taskbar, and later whenever you need help, you can call up the Bing AI bot and write your request directly. BingGPT works on Windows, Linux, and Mac and provides additional features such as the ability to control functions via keyboard shortcuts, support for night mode, text size control, and the quality of saving conversations in PNG or PDF format.
All in all, BingGPT can come in handy if you frequent the AI bot from the Bing search engine but are tired of having to open the browser every time you need to have a conversation; with this simple program, you can get to the bot faster and use it Just as well and maybe more efficiently.

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