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Best new apps for Android and iPhone

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Best new apps for Android and iPhone: Welcome back to the Best new Android and iPhone apps that summarize what’s new from app developers in both the Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhone phones. And as the application industry grows, we will continue to refine and review the best for users who want to make the most of their smartphone capabilities. In this issue, we highlighted the most important new applications released recently worth downloading and installing. They are free and do surprisingly practical tasks, so let us start by reviewing them for you.

1. GoLinks

Image showing the application: GoLinks
Image courtesy of GoLinks, for the article: Best New Apps for Android and iPhone

GoLinks is a well-known platform in the field of shortening links to share websites and web pages in a faster and simpler way, but what makes it a unique venue is the ease of remembering shortened links because the user determines the link address. Recently, a new application was launched to access the platform and manage links directly through the iPhone. Through GoLinks, you can create a short link from scratch, starting by specifying the site’s original address and then the address of the shortened link, which always begins with “/go.” You can also add Tags to the short links you can. Organizes all connections according to specific categories.
The unique thing about the application, in addition to the simple and organized user interface, is that it provides an addition to the Safari browser that makes it easier for the user to shorten the address of any website or web page instead of doing so through the application interface itself. In general, it is a useful application that dramatically improves productivity, but it is not free; it provides users with a 14-day trial period before requiring a subscription, which is an excellent period to test the efficiency of the service.

2. Authly

Image showing the application: Authly
Image courtesy of Authly, for the article: Best New Apps for Android and iPhone

An application for two-factor authentication that you can rely on to secure and protect your various accounts on social media sites using the iPhone. Authly is compatible with thousands of sites and services, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Paypal, Amazon, Twitter, Steam, Snapchat, and many more, in addition to providing the ability to protect your bitcoin wallet. The app encrypts user data, and each time you launch it, you will need to use Face/Touch ID to verify your identity before granting the temporary access code to log into your protected accounts. The application also provides a private space to store backup codes for logging in, even if a quick code cannot be generated. These codes will undoubtedly be encrypted as well. The interface of the application is entirely devoid of advertisements and is even very well arranged, which also makes it easy to use

3. App Timer Bubble

Image showing the application: App Timer Bubble
Screenshot of the App Timer Bubble for the article: Best New Apps for Android and iPhone

It allows you to track the amounts of time you spend on each application on your phone so that you alone feel that you have spent too much time browsing that application, whether it is YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook… whatever. App Timer Bubble, as its name suggests, adds a floating bubble on the screen that permanently displays the time it takes to use each application you choose—Spent browsing. Whether you’re scrolling through social apps or playing a game, the goal of App Timer Bubble is to keep you aware of how long you’ve been using it and make smarter choices about how you interact with your phone. The application is straightforward, and its idea does not seem genius at all, but it may have an effect in getting rid of phone addiction.

4. Caméra

Image showing the application: Camera
Screenshot from the Caméra app for the article: Best New Apps for Android and iPhone

An exceptional application that gives you the ability to take multiple photos with just one click of a button, as the application takes a picture using every camera lens on the phone at the same time, whether it is the Wide Angle lens, the Ultra Wide lens, the Telephoto or the selfie camera, Caméra Using each lens separately to take the picture one at a time.
The application provides different modes, such as Camera Selection, which allows you to specify the number of lenses you want to take pictures with. Insta Ready to take multiple images with different aspect ratios: height is ideal for sharing on communication platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, without the need to crop the image and adjust its dimensions. There is also a MultiFlash mode to take pictures with the front simultaneously and rear camera flash. Overall, the Caméra has capabilities that make it worth a try for professional photographers.

5. Clearcut AI

Image showing the Clearcut AI application
Image courtesy of Clearcut AI, for the article: Best New Apps for Android and iPhone

A new application of applications that allows you to erase people and things from images with the help of artificial intelligence, but what distinguishes Clearcut AI other than that it is entirely free, as it removes the background or unwanted objects and replaces them with other things of your choice or makes the background transparent or colored, a lot of options are available in front of you. The application is easy to use, whether for beginners or professional users; add the image and select what you want to remove, and wait for the result; you can edit the image until you reach a satisfactory result and then save it in the gallery to share it or use it in your project.

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