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Best gaming DNS servers

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Best gaming DNS servers: DNS provides a perfect role if you are a player, as DNS servers may improve the online gaming experience.
It is a database of some domain names and DNS addresses. When you use a domain such as YouTube and other platforms related to domains, and it is closed, you search for the IP in the DNS address and others.

1. Google Public DNS

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Image from Google Public DNS, for the article: Top 10 DNS servers for games

Google DNS. It is one of the best-used Google DNS servers so far. This provides better speed and also specific improvements for browsing.
Google DNS was launched in 2009 and is still used and served by users on phones or computers, and you can enjoy the gaming experience in great numbers.
Google DNS is also used to improve internet speed significantly and also reduce access time, which is, of course, the main thing for online games.
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

2. OpenDNS

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Image via OpenDNS, for article: Best gaming DNS servers

It also provides a secure DNS for browsing and may be one of your best choices.
It is also one of the best and oldest servers from 2005. However, it acquired it in 2015.
It is also a candidate for improving the gaming experience and contains many servers and more than 25 servers dedicated to games.
Of course, it’s fast, and it’s also located on different continents.
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

3. Cloudflare DNS

Image: Cloudflare DNS
Image from Cloudflare DNS, for article: Best gaming DNS servers

It is likely to be from the public DNS and is also one of the best and fastest DNS servers. It works a lot to improve users’ privacy, and DNS can focus servers on increasing Internet speed by a significant percentage.
It is also available for free recently.
The fastest DNS server is the free because it has great features in low ping time on the Internet for the speed of games, and it is considered the best server for games
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

4. Quad9

Image credit: Quad9
Image courtesy of Quad9, for the article: Best gaming DNS servers

Usually, it is recommended to use a Quad9 DNS server to improve network security. It also contains an advanced built-in filter that continuously monitors networks and blocks all malicious activities.
DNSCrypt support is another plus point of Quad9 which can encrypt communication between the client machine and DNS to prevent malicious attacks.
Although Quad9 is not yet known for its gaming features, it is still better than the DNS server offered by your ISP. The server can also improve internet speed and reduce ping in online games. You can use the server addresses to set up Quad9 on your PC
Preferred DNS server –
Alternate DNS server –

5. OpenNIC DNS

Image: OpenNIC DNS
Image from OpenNIC DNS, for article: Best gaming DNS servers

OpenNIC DNS is the best gaming DNS server that provides faster internet speed. This is great if you often play games that depend on your internet speed
OpenNIC DNS allows you to browse websites faster and play online games with a better experience. A DNS server can also improve your computer games by reducing internet lags.
Other features of OpenNIC DNS include ease of setup and security against ISP DNS hijacking. In general, it is a public and premium DNS server for games. You can use this server from below
Preferred DNS server –
Alternate DNS server –

You can use all servers and the best among them in your experience. And do not forget to include a comment below if the article was helpful to you…

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