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Best free Android and iPhone games

Best free Android and iPhone games: New games appear in smartphone app stores daily, be it Google Play or the App Store on iPhone. And because we know that there are people who like to experience everything new in the world of mobile games, we, through the Best Games series, publish a list of the best new games that were launched over the past seven days to give a good opportunity for game lovers to review the latest that was published recently, From one place. Now let’s continue our ongoing series with you and a new topic that includes games you will know for the first time to have fun and pass the time, whether alone or with friends.

1. Linea

Image showing the game: Linea
Screenshot from the game Linea, for the article: Best free Android and iPhone games

A new game from genius puzzle developer Infinity Games aims to relieve stress and help you relax while training your brain by solving unique puzzles. Linea is a free game about discovery, where narrative mixes with puzzles.
Your role is to help the characters by drawing the line to the end of the path of light. It may sound simple, but with the addition of side objectives.
The challenges quickly get tricky as you progress through the levels to give you a sense of accomplishment! At the start of the game, you will be shown guiding steps on how to follow the path of light, after which you will start your journey helping each character on their journey through their unique stories. Each puzzle you complete unlocks a new one, and the story progresses. Each new level differs from the previous one, with different characters and locations. But overall, the game worlds are beautifully designed and curated, making it the perfect fun game.
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2. Dust & Neon

Image showing the game: Dust & Neon
Image from Dust & Neon, for the article: Best free Android and iPhone games

A new game that falls under the list of exclusive games for members of the Netflix network, but unusually, it was launched on the PC and Console platforms while it was launched for smartphones. We do not see this much, but the game is worth it. Dust & Neon is a tactical Looter-Shooter somewhat similar to Borderlands and Space Marshals but set in a sci-fi and western setting, where you fight a series of epic battles using only three main types of weapons.
But there are dozens of different skins for each of them that you will find on the field to eliminate opponents. You can make many upgrades for your character, weapons, and other gadgets to unlock as you advance through the levels. The game’s graphics are stunning, the science-fiction-inspired elements stand out wonderfully, the combat system is easy, and a lot of details will catch your eye from the first experience.
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3. Tomb Raider Reloaded

Image showing the game: Tomb Raider Reloaded
Image from the game Tomb Raider Reloaded, for the article: Best free Android and iPhone games

This game celebrates the glories of the “Tom Reader” series and its well-known legendary character “Lara Croft,” which has achieved significant success since it first appeared in 1996. Still, this part is not official from Crystal Dynamics but from an independent developer. Tomb Raider Reloaded stays inspired by the original Tomb Raider games while retaining Lara’s iconic collectibles but takes a gaming feel.
Roguelike,” and there is a remarkable similarity between it and the famous game Archero. Your role is to face obstacles, discover ancient ruins, and solve various puzzles; many missions are required, and stages are generated automatically after the end of each step.
The game’s graphics are impressive, and it has an orchestral soundtrack mixed with reworked classic pieces from the original series of the game. Finally, Tomb Raider Reloaded is free, but some internal upgrades require a purchase.
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4. White Out Survival

Image showing the game: White Out Survival
Image from the game White Out Survival, for the article: Best free Android and iPhone games

This game has gained over half a million downloads from the Google Play Store in less than a month, and indeed it is a fantastic game worth trying if you are a fan of strategy games in general. White Out Survival is based on the melting of the last ice patch on the planet, where you lead the last city in this patch and adapt to the hostile environment to survive this catastrophe.
The game is full of intricate details to explore. Like any strategy game, many missions await you daily, from extracting resources, recruiting new warriors, and fighting battles to challenges that test your strategic and intellectual prowess. The game is free, but you can buy internal items to speed up the progress and finish the upgrades in a shorter time, but this is not necessary; the game is fun anyway.
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5. Bike Race Master

Image showing the game: Bike Race Master
Image from Bike Race Master, for the article: Best free Android and iPhone games

A motorcycle racing game that does not look traditional at all. In addition to the main goal being to win first place to pass each level, there will be various obstacles along the way that must be overcome without affecting the bike’s speed.
The challenge increases the difficulty! Bike Race Master’s concept isn’t new, but it’s designed smartly, with excellent graphics and precise and easy control.
You can start with the first stages, which will be pretty straightforward, and then race down ramps full of surreal obstacles, which will seem impossible to pass on the first try. The game is entirely free, but it displays ads, but there is an option to block those ads in exchange for purchasing the full version.
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We have finished explaining here. If you are looking for more games and applications, you can review the previous sections, and do not forget to also review New Android and iPhone games for 2023 to get more special games

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