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Best document capture apps for Android: Scanning documents and paper documents is one of the functions that our phones can do thanks to the development and significant improvement in the quality and performance of the cameras contained in modern phones. In light of the digital transformation that our world is witnessing today in various transactions and daily practices, it has become challenging to continue taking risks and preserving piles of papers and printed texts of interest to us without making digital copies of them to facilitate circulation and sharing with others remotely, as well as to preserve and protect them from loss and damage.
In short, this means that the conversion of documents, books, and paper documents has become one of the necessities of life for various types of institutions and individuals. In the past, the way to scan was to use a computer connected to a scanner. Still, this complex method is no longer needed. It is enough to check paper documents to have an intelligent phone with a good camera and an application for scanning documents installed on it. We review the best document-scanning applications for Android phone installation in the following lines.

Microsoft Lens

Image showing the application: Microsoft Lens
Image from the Microsoft Lens app for the article: Best document capture apps for Android

It is one of the best and most flexible mobile scanning apps with many great features. In addition to its ease of use, the Microsoft Lens application allows the imaging of paper documents, photos, and even whiteboards, with the ability to modify and edit images, add annotations to them, cut excesses, and control colors and brightness of lighting.
The application also provides an optical character recognition (OCR) feature, which converts texts printed on paper or handwritten into written characters so that the user can copy, edit and modify them. It also provides the quality of extracting contact data and phone numbers from personal identification cards and business cards that are received. Scan them, and then he can save the phone numbers and the names of their owners directly in the phone contacts.
The Microsoft Lens application allows images to be saved and transferred to a photo gallery, studio, or to the OneDrive cloud storage service directly after capturing and processing them. It is also possible to control the quality of images and convert them before saving them to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or OneNote files. Make more than one copy of the same document during the application to keep it in several formats in different locations. The application is ee, available for download and installation on bodroid phones and iPhones, and is ad-free, making it the perfect choice when you need a portable scanner on your smartphone.

Adobe Scan

Image showing the application: Adobe Scan
Image from the Adobe Scan app for the article: Best document capture apps for Android

Adobe Scan is another free app that can be used to scan documents on smartphones. The application has a very easy-to-use interface and comes with many features and tools that allow cropping and rotating images, adjusting colors, and improving clarity, as well as the “OCR” feature to facilitate the scanning, editing, and editing of written texts, with the ability to protect scanned files using passwords.
Once you have finished capturing, editing, and processing images, the application automatically keeps the scanned copies on the Adobe Document Cloud platform. The user can access, restore and download them on any phone or other mobile device. Copies can also be kept on the phone or shared in several formats, such as JPG and PDF, and formats compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader and other Adobe products. The Adobe Scan application is available for free download and installation on Android phones and iPhones, with the possibility of obtaining several additional features and tools when subscribing to the monthly Adobe PDF package.


Image showing the application: CamScanner
Image from the CamScanner app for the article: Best document capture apps for Android

The CamScanner application comes loaded with a wide range of professional tools and features, including the ability to edit and modify captured images, optical character recognition to extract written text from images, in addition to the advantages of intelligent cropping, automatic improvement of the quality and clarity of captured images, advanced editing of captions, and searching for keywords. The application also allows saving images and files on the phone after capturing and processing them, transferring them to note-taking applications such as Evernote, sharing them via e-mail and social media, or automatically downloading up to 10GB of them on cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and iCloud, as well. It allows converting them into several different formats and formats before saving or sharing them.
The application can also perform some additional functions and tasks in addition to scanning images and documents, such as watching QR codes or what is known as QR codes, converting files from one format to another, such as converting a PDF file to a Word file or converting a PDF file to an Excel file, and advanced editing of files The PDF. The CamScanner application is free for download and installation, whether on Android phones or iPhones, with some features and tools that you need to pay an additional fee to obtain and use. The application is also flawed because it adds a small watermark to the scanned documents.

Genius Scan

Image showing the application: Genius Scan
Screenshot from the Genius Scan app for the article: Best document capture apps for Android

The Genius Scan Ultra application is distinguished by its ability to scan multi-page documents at an astonishing speed when using the batch scanning tool, in addition to its high accuracy in detecting page borders thanks to the intelligent page detection feature and correcting their angles to appear even if the position of the pages is skewed during imaging. In The end, The application saves the final copies in a single multi-page file, making it especially suitable for scanning books, magazines, newspapers, and multi-page documents.
The Genius Scan Ultra application can also process images after they are called, individually or as a group of pictures, from the gallery, studio application, or any other place on the phone. After processing, it allows you to save documents as a JPEG image or as a PDF file. It also allows sharing via e-mail or other social networking applications. The application also provides additional features, such as organizing documents, searching for essential keywords, and protecting files with passwords.
A free version of the Genius Scan Ultra application is available for download and installation on Android phones and iPhones. You can also purchase a paid version of the application that costs about $ 10 to enjoy some additional features such as optical character recognition in the text (OCR), encryption of PDF files, and storage Cloud for scanned documents on Cloud hosting services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.


Image showing the application: SwiftScan
Image courtesy of SwiftScan, for the article: Best document capture apps for Android

Swift Scan has a unique set of features that may not be available in many other applications, such as the built-in tool for scanning QR codes or QR codes, the built-in mechanism for scanning bar codes or bar codes, document organizing tools, the ability to name files and fax, in addition To OCR, multi-page document scanning and cloud storage services.
With the Swift Scan application, it is possible to scan various types of documents, documents, and even whiteboards, then edit the captured images, improve their quality, control clarity, colors, and brightness, add annotations and some effects to them, then save them either as JPG or PDF or upload them to a service — hosting Cloud, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive.
A free version of Swift Scan is available for download and installation on Android phones. You can upgrade to the paid version of the app for about $8 to get additional features, such as removing watermarks and automatically uploading scanned documents to cloud services.

Choosing the suitable scanner app depends mainly on the type of documents, documents, or images that we need to photograph and scan most often and the variety of procedures and tools required to improve the final quality of these documents while facilitating ways to save them, transfer them, and share them on a large scale.

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