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Best Audio Editing Apps: Smartphones today have many advantages and capabilities that have made them an effective means that can help us perform most of the tasks of computers and other digital devices. The quality of the audio devices built into the phones, which helped record audio clips smoothly on the phone, opened the way for the development of many software and applications specialized in editing and modifying audio clips or the audio content of video clips. Below we review a list of the best applications available to use on smartphones to modify and edit recordings and audio clips.

Android applications

1. Mstudio

Image showing the application: Mstudio
Image courtesy of Mstudio, for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

The M Studio application is one of the best and most user-friendly audio editing applications, as it has a simple user interface that even a novice user can handle smoothly, as it supports all popular audio formats and provides a set of professional features for recording and editing audio clips such as the ability to cut, paste, trim and merge Tracks and audio clips, in addition to the ability to reverse playback of audio clips, remix them, change their speed, and convert the audio file format. It is easy to access all the editing tools located separately without having to search through complex and branched menus, and it is easy to find the processed audio clips through the saved files tab.
An entirely free version of the M Studio application is available for Android phones. Still, it forces the user to watch a lot of ads. Still, if you want to use a copy of the application that is completely free of annoying ads, the user can upgrade to the paid version for about $ 5, paid only once upon purchase.

2. Voice PRO

Image showing the application: Voice PRO
Image from the Voice PRO app for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

The Voice Pro application supports access to more than 100 different formats or formats of audio files with a bit rate of up to 320 kbps and a sample rate of up to 48000 Hz. It allows the user to record sound or music in mono or stereo formats and then work on editing them using editing tools. Advanced that enables the user to merge audio clips, mix sounds, add some sound effects and background music in real time, remove background effects and remove noise to get a pure sound, convert audio files, and add reference tags to distinguish specific parts of tracks for easy access while working on editing them.
The Voice Pro application also provides the ability to encode audio files, the ability to backup edited files, and restore recording files from cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others, in addition to the feature of converting audio clips into texts written in about 40 different languages, but this is defective. The application has a high cost, as it is a fully paid application, and the price of the copy is about 13 US dollars. However, if it was purchased and not used, the user can still return it within two hours from the time of purchase

3. Timbre

Image showing the application: Timbre
Image from the Timbre app for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

The Timber application can be used to edit video clips and audio clips. The application interface shows all available audio editing tools that allow the user to cut sounds from video clips, compile more than one audio clip into one track or merge tracks, and also enable splitting and cutting audio tracks, changing their speed, controlling their volume, play it backward, and convert audio files to play them using many different formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, and OPUS.
The Timbre application allows editing more than one track at the same time. It also contains additional features and advanced editing tools for professional users, such as the “Console” tool that enables the user to run a command line using FFmpeg and tools to change the bit rate of media files, in addition to the feature of transcribing audio for written texts, which allows converting written text into audible speech. The application is available for Android phones for free and without ads, with the ability to make in-program purchases to add more features.

4. AudioLab

Image showing the application: AudioLab
Image from AudioLab, for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

The Audiolab application provides tools that meet all the requirements for editing audio clips, including recording, cutting, merging, trimming, and mirroring audio tracks, with the ability to convert audio files to many formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG and OPUS. The application also allows changing the bit rate of the audio files, reducing the file size so that it takes up only a tiny part of the device’s memory, which is useful sometimes. However, it leads to a decrease in sound quality. The Audiolab application contains a library with unique sound effects that users can exploit and add to the audio clips when editing. The application also provides a voice change tool that enables the user to convert his recorded voice into an automatic agent and several other sounds. Equalizer provides 18 frequency bands. Audiolab also comes with a fully functional music player that can be accessed by pressing the play button, allowing the user to listen to a list of MP3 audio files directly from the application while editing. The application is free for Android phones, with additional paid features and effects that can be purchased from within the application.

iPhone applications

1. Hokusai

Image showing the application: Hokusai
Image courtesy of Hokusai, for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

The Hokusai application provides a distinct set of audio editing tools that give the professional user control over audio clips, starting with essential tools such as cutting and pasting audio clips and even merging more than one audio clip, adding audio effects such as audio gradient and volume control, and the ability to keep prepared tracks and audio clips. In advance for easy access and use later. The app features a simple user interface and easy-to-use editing tools, with several options for recalling and saving sounds.
The Hokusai app is only available on iPhones, and there are no compatible versions for Android phones yet. All of Hokusai’s essential audio editing tools are free to use. At the same time, some additional effects and more professional features require a one-time purchase of the paid version of the app for $10.

2. WavePad

Image showing the application: WavePad
Image courtesy of WavePad, for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

Wavepad Audio Editor offers a premium set of professional audio editing tools, including cutting and trimming audio clips and adding effects such as volume amplification, compression, volume change, proper filtering, and noise reduction. The app also has a library of many sound effects and tracks. Royalty-free music can be used and used as needed. The application also provides multiple options for saving and recalling tracks and audio clips, converting audio files from one format to another, and supports several audio file formats.
The main drawback of Wavepad is that it does not allow editing more than one audio track at a time. While the basic suite of audio editing tools on Wavepad is free on Android phones and iPhones, a paid version of the app can be obtained for free. It is ad-free and includes many additional features, adding more music tracks, sound effects, and formats to the library for a monthly subscription payment of $3. The ad-free version of the app with all features can be purchased for $15.

3. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Image showing the application: Audio Evolution Mobile Studio
Image from the Audio Evolution Mobile Studio app for the article: Best Audio Editing Apps

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio contains a wide range of advanced tools for creating and editing audio clips and music tracks, such as tools for cutting and trimming tracks, processing, and refining audio, merging sounds, and noise reduction, which makes it a complete mobile recording studio. These tools allow the user, for example, to record tracks and audio clips, not only through the microphone built into the phone but also through any peripheral devices or external speakers connected to the phone via USB cables. It is also possible to work on creating and editing several tracks at the same time, Configure MIDI sequences to create a stereophonic environment, change the sample rate, and correct latency. The application also supports many audio file formats and formats, adding sound effects in the background in real time.
Despite its many advantages, the Audio Evolution Mobile Studio application does not contain a complex or challenging user interface. Perhaps the most prominent disadvantage is its exorbitant cost. The application is available for purchase on iPhone and Android phones for $ 11, with a trial version available for free use But with limited benefits and for a specific period.

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