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Best 6 programs for the computer

Best 6 programs for the computer: As always, we focus on the most critical programs that improve your computer use or make everyday tasks easier; With that in mind, we’ve rounded up over five programs worth trying. So, Without further ado, let’s start by reviewing the first in our 6 Best software for PC programs for the computer.

1. Portmaster

A picture showing the program: Portmaster
Image from the Portmaster program, for the article:  Best 6 programs for the computer

It is a program that helps you monitor all Internet-related activities on the computer, in addition to providing the ability to prevent specific programs from accessing the Internet or blocking malicious ads and trackers. Portmaster is a program that can be considered a “firewall” but is so advanced that it puts you in control of all your computer connections within a simple graphical interface, along with additional features such as secure DNS address enforcement and secretly blocking ads and bots that spy on your activity.

Install Portmaster and restart the computer to complete the installation process. Then, open the program, and you will see the Internet activity with the number of connections currently being classified between allowed and blocked connections. All these connections are made by both the Windows system itself and the programs installed on the computer.

What I liked about this program was the detailed display of network activity. Just try to click on any program that is currently using the Internet. Portmaster will display in front of you detailed information about the connection, such as the sites to which the program connects, whether the purpose of the link was to receive or send data, whether the relationship was encrypted or not, and the name of the company responsible for sending/receiving this data … etc.
The program not only displays the details of the connections on your device but also provides all the means to control them. For example, you can block a specific site or domain so that no program can permanently connect to it or block an entire program from connecting to the Internet by activating the “Block Connections” option, so the program can be used without connecting to the Internet.
Portmaster provides many other applicable settings and features, such as notifying you when a new program connects to the Internet in the background or enforcing a specific DNS to block ads and porn sites. You can also set certain connection conditions for each program or block all Peer-to-Peer connections. You can even head to the “All Apps” section to find out what programs currently use the Internet and track which ones consume the most. The program is generally professional and provides an easy way to protect your privacy while preserving the Internet package. It is also significantly accessible to Windows users and Linux distributions.

2. File Centipede

Image showing the program: File Centipede
Image from File Centipede, for the article:  Best 6 programs for the computer

It is a new program to manage the process of downloading files on your computer in an easy way and provides all the features you need to download any file from the Internet. File Centipede is free and works without installation on a (portable) device, whether Windows or Linux. The program is elementary and comes with a very familiar graphical interface. If you have ever used any download manager like the popular IDM, there are categories to access downloaded files, files being downloaded, current connection speed, links for each file…etc.
Once the File Centipede driver file is downloaded, double-click it, and the main window will appear. Click on Add and add the direct link to the file that you need to download, also knowing that the program always works in the background to capture any Download link that you copy while surfing the Internet and then offers you the option to download the file through it, press “Download Now” and the download process will start on immediately.
The program comes with really unique features! In addition to downloading any file in any format from the Internet, File Centipede can also download files using the BitTorrent protocol. Copy the torrent file link or press Add and choose the file itself if it is on your device, and the download will start.

This is in addition to the fact that it supports automatic download from browsers, where you can install the program add-on available for Google Chrome and Firefox to replace the download manager integrated with the browser. Still, you must install this add-on manually, which finds its file under the “browser_extensions” folder between the File Centipede folders.

There are also a lot of settings you can change to get the best experience, such as specifying the folder to save new downloads, file types to monitor and the option to download, the maximum number of simultaneous connections, and speed limit, among other possibilities. In general, it is a beneficial program and worth trying if you are tired of the traditional paid programs to get many features for free and light on the device.

3. Pillbox Pro

A picture showing the program: Pillbox Pro
Image from Pillbox Pro, for the article:  Best 6 programs for the computer

A program for Windows that falls under medical programs, as it aims to provide an easy way to remind the user to take his medication at the correct times while he is working on the computer. Pillbox Pro is entirely free and does not display ads. It is currently in beta and is only available for Windows 11. But the developer promises to provide a version for previous versions of Windows and an application for smartphones soon.
When using the application, you must create an account so that your data is permanently saved and medication appointments and doses are synchronized between all your devices. After that, you can start recording your medicines by clicking on New item and recording the dose and timing data and whether the medicine should be taken with food or as a dietary supplement..etc. It even allows you to easily create a code that matches the shape and color of the medicine dose so that it is easy to distinguish. This data is then displayed on the application’s main interface in an orderly manner.

4. Windhawk

Image showing the program: Windhawk
Screenshot from Windhawk, for the article:  Best 6 programs for the computer

It is a free, open-source program with dozens of modifications to improve the Windows system’s experience. Windhawk is a new place where everyone can contribute by adding changes or new functions. It is more like a store that includes dozens of different changes that can be applied to Windows that Microsoft did not provide, such as adding a dark mode to the Notepad tool, enlarging the size of program icons on the taskbar, or using the mouse wheel to change the level of Sound from the toolbar…and many more.
Windhawk can be used without installation, as it is a portable program. Once launched, its organized graphical interface will appear, where the most famous available functions and modifications previously mentioned are listed. Still, the entire list can be browsed by clicking “Browse for Mods,” as there are many functions, some intended for Windows 10 and others for Windows 11. Pressing “Details” will open a new page that displays information about the process and what it does; then, to install it, press “Install,” and in a matter of moments, the new modifications will be added so that you can test them without even the need to re- Turn on the device.

5. Radiograph

Image showing the program: Radiograph
Image from Radiograph, for the article:  Best 6 programs for the computer

A free program for Windows that gives users a series of helpful information to monitor every big and small computer, Radiograph is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store. It has a modern and straightforward interface where you can monitor the device’s performance and check the detailed specifications of each piece, which may help you discover Fix defects early and prevent more severe problems.
Once Radiograph is turned on, it will automatically go to the “Monitoring” section, which displays the temperature and consumption percentage of the processor, graphics card, and RAM and displays Internet consumption for downloading and uploading. The excellent graphical interface makes viewing and absorbing this information smooth and straightforward. You can also go to the “Driller” section for detailed information about computer components such as processor, motherboard, RAM, Windows version…etc.
There is also a “Storage” section, which is responsible for displaying everything related to the storage units connected to the computer, such as hard disk status, temperature, total storage capacity, read and write speed, and type, among other things. This program includes a special section for testing the capabilities of the computer; where you can benefit from this function by going to the “Benchmark” section, but currently, it seems that this option is only available in the trial version. It is an exceptional program to learn in-depth details about your device beautifully and straightforwardly.

6. Microsoft PC Manager

Image showing the program: Microsoft PC Manager
Image from Microsoft PC Manager, for the article:  Best 6 programs for the computer

A new program from Microsoft that helps Windows users improve the performance of their devices with the click of a button, as is the case with well-known cleaning programs, as it deletes temporary files to free up storage space, terminates unimportant background processes, and disables programs that start with the start of the computer, in addition to To scan and treat system vulnerabilities, including checking for viruses and malware…etc.
The graphical interface of the PC Manager tool comes with a modern design similar to the approach taken in Windows 11 to feel like a tool initially built into the system and not an external program. The tool’s main interface gives a quick overview of the status of the computer in terms of the size of temporary files and the current consumption of RAM. There are two sections, each containing many functions related to cleaning or security. There is also a “Boots” button at the top, which, with a single click on it, immediately performs successive operations to enhance and protect the computer’s performance.
PC Manager offers fewer attractive features than other cleaning programs, including CCleaner. Still, if there were a reason for me to use this tool over others, it would be the tremendous graphical interface and better compatibility with Windows. Other than that, PC Manager is a very traditional cleaning program, but in any case, using CCleaner or the PC Manager tool will not help make the computer faster than its original state, but rather these tools only benefit in improving the performance of the computer to its actual speed limits available from its hardware.

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