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Amazing mobile games for Android

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Amazing mobile games for Android: If you enter the Google Play Store on your phone, you will notice that the first tab on the home screen is the tab for games because smartphone games have become very popular. Still, it is impossible to discover the best of these games quickly.
However, you never have to worry. If you are a fan of mobile games and want to enjoy the best and latest games on your phone, then you are in the right place.


Image from the game: Turmoil
Turmoil game image, article Amazing mobile games for Android

Although this game debuted on the Play Store this week, it quickly reached over 100 thousand downloads.
It is an oil exploration game within the city where you can use the machines and equipment available to you to detect the places of oil and extract it from the ground and transport it with vehicles to earn money; in addition to that, you can upgrade your tools, and the game also comes with excellent and simple graphics, but although The game is free, it contains ads in addition to many paid features, and it is available on Android phones and iPhones

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Image from the game: ChocoboGP
Chocobo GP game image, article Amazing mobile games for Android

The next game on our list for this week falls under the platform games category, one of the most popular games on smartphones, but this game is unique thanks to its classic graphics.
In this game, your task is to reach the goal at the finish line while overcoming all the obstacles and obstacles that you encounter on your way, and these obstacles vary significantly in the game’s levels. Still, fortunately, there are many tricks that you can use to avoid the barriers, and the game also contains coins, Coins, treasures, and items that you can collect on your run.

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Cubi Code

Image from the game: Cubi Code
Cubi Code game image, for the article Amazing mobile games for Android

You can infer from the game’s name that it is a block-based puzzle and intelligence game, as it contains more than 120 puzzles created by other players.
This game is generally straightforward, and inside the game, you will be able to move, push and move cubes from one place to another or drag them on the 3D platform that appears in front of you.
Among the game’s features are the beautiful sound effects available to it, in addition to supporting light mode, dark mode, and other features.

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Image from the game: DEEMO II
Image of DEEMO II game, for the article Amazing mobile games for Android

If you are a fan of simple and quiet games, here is this exceptional game in the Play Store, which is a music and adventure game at the same time, as the game is based on a fascinating fictional story and contains exciting sound and visual effects.
This game has a lot of songs and music tracks that you can play with, thanks to the many features that the game has.
It reached over 100 thousand downloads quickly, and you can download the game from the following links.

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Quest Hunter

Image from the game: Quest Hunter
Image from the game, Quest Hunter for the article: Amazing mobile games for Android

Quest Hunter falls into the category of RPG and strategy games, where your mission is to fight against your opponents and eliminate them with the weapons you have available.
But at the same time, you will need to protect your kingdom from enemies.
And you can play this game in single mode, and you can also participate with a friend or a group of other players online, and one of the features of the game is that it allows you to upgrade your kingdom to make it more powerful, and it also contains a lot of other features that you will definitely like

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