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8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

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8 Fun games for Android and iPhone: Smartphones have become a significant home for games, so users strive to download the best.
These days, games come with powerful capabilities, not to mention the ideas that go with them.
Every week, dozens of new games deserve praise and experience. Here comes our role in providing them to you through our weekly and renewed article.
As is the case with the best Android and iPhone games for last week, the fun for this new week came as follows.

Battle of the Horizon‏

Image from the game: Battle of the Horizon
Battle of the Horizon game image, article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

Gone are the games for this week, a multiplayer strategy game.
So, with it, you can choose five different types of races, and you will get an exciting experience with it by paying attention and making sure to build your heroes and your strategy to win the battle.
Note that the game comes with very high graphics, so it requires at least 3 GB of RAM, and of course, the game is available for free download.

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Art of Conques‪t‬

Image from the game: Art of Conquest
Art of Conquest image, article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

For the next game, which is an epic game, you need an internet connection.
And with it, your task will be to form a team to kill evil dragons and besiege enemy fortresses to expand your kingdom and win challenges between you and other players worldwide. Challenging missions await you here, for example, raiding the dragon’s lair to collect their eggs, training your dragon, defeating and conquering evil bosses, earning rewards to raise your capabilities, and much more.

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Bomb Run 3‪D

Image from the game: Bomb Run 3D
Bomb Run 3D game photo, article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

Another new game, this time it is only available for the iPhone campaign, and at first sight, we can say that it is a very entertaining and entertaining game for everyone.
The game consists of levels, and each group is a room with a key, and your task is to find the key to open the door and be very careful not to explode the bomb.
And while playing, you will face many obstacles, so pay attention; for his part, the game is available for download and free of charge.

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Dead Man

Image from the game: Dead Man
Dead Man game photo for the article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

In this dramatic game, you will be assigned to investigate the death of a 16-year-old boy thrown from the top of a tower, and your task will be to comb the victim’s phone from messages, social media, calls, etc., and find out who did it.
If you like games or watch crime series, the game is now in your hands and is entirely free.

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Age of Colossus

Image from the game: Age of Colossus
Age of Colossus game photo, article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

In this game, Captain Brian and his friend, the mutant gorilla Mike, become the only hope of ridding the world of ancient monsters that an evil organization has taken over.
In this epic game, you will fight many monsters to tame them, control them, rid them of the evil organization, and raise your abilities. You will also be able to recruit more than 100 characters, each with various skills.
Of course, I will leave the rest to discover on your own. Unfortunately, the game is currently available for Android campaigns only.

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Image from the game: Blixi
Blixi game photo for the article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

We keep mentioning games; this time, we also have a game available on iPhone only if you are a fan of puzzle games.
This game interests you, and although it comes with simple graphics, it is difficult and requires you to think, and its most important feature is that it supports the game with one finger, and there are no ads or any time limits to worry about.

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Image from the game: Annelid
Annelids game photo for the article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

A quick look at the reviews for this game, we find it worth downloading, and you can play without needing an internet connection.
Or simply the game via Bluetooth or online for up to 6 players as a maximum. In this battle, you will complete 68 missions with 17 maps and 33 weapons, of which nine are secret. , with its support for internal purchases

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Gunship Strike 3D

Image from the game: Gunship Strike 3D
Gunship Strike 3D image, article: 8 Fun games for Android and iPhone

‏As for the last game in this collection which is not new, we have put it here for the entertainment and excitement that comes with it.
Throughout this game, you will drive a gunship helicopter to kill the bad guys on the ground using missiles and heavy live bullets.
It will scale over 40 upcoming 3D levels with unique visual and sound effects. Most importantly, the game is free for Android users, knowing it has received high ratings.

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We have finished explaining here the best fun games for leisure time. You can browse the rest of the sections and get more matches.

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