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6 New Android and iPhone games

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6 New Android and iPhone games: Smartphone games can help us spend some time with fun, as our smartphones accompany us wherever we are, whether at home, in public places, or even in transportation. Instead of staring at the wall during waiting times, you can play light games on your phone to drive boredom.


Image from the game: Pathi
Pathi Game Image, Article:6 New Pathi Games for Android and iPhone

We start with one of the clever puzzle games, in short.
Your role in this game is to try to get the ball into the goal area using the items and methods available to you; In which you can drop, move, and rotate the ball to reach the goal, and the game offers lots of cool features as it has 60 different levels to play offline.
It is also straightforward but needs a lot of logical and physical thinking to win it and skip the different turns.

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Rugby Nations 22

Image from the game: Rugby Nations 22
Rugby Nations 22 photo, for article:6 New Games for Android and iPhone Pathi

Suppose you are a fan of sports games. In that case, specifically, rugby here is this exceptional game, Rugby Nations 22, which was presented by the developer Distinctive Games on the Play Store and App Store, where this developer offers many other top-rated rugby games.
But this game comes with many new features and improvements, whether in graphics or gameplay, where you can control your team better. The game also offers fantastic graphics, including the design of the most excellent players, in addition to improvements to the stadiums, the ball, etc., and this game is Available for iPhone and Android phones for free.

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RPG Dice

Image from the game: RPG Dice
RPG Dice image, for article:6 New Games for Android and iPhone Pathi

Within a few days, this game garnered more than 50,000 downloads. It is an adventure and role-playing fun where the story revolves around the heroes living in the Whitestone region in complete peace for 500 years. Still, recently there has been a fierce attack on the area, and your role is to defend it Through the heroes available to you; each hero has its powers, which you can also upgrade.
And after winning the battles, you will get rewards and loot, which you can use in the upcoming wars. This game is free without ads, but it has paid features and features.

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Idle Siege

Image from the game: Idle Siege
Image of Idle Siege, for the article: 6 New Games for Android and iPhone Pathi

Strategy games are among the best games that millions of players love. Today we have a new game in this category for iPhone phones, Idle Siege, where you will need to form your army and plan efficiently to attack and overcome enemies and protect your kingdom.
One of the game’s advantages is that it contains many great characters and leaders that you can play with, including Genghis Khan, Robin Hood, and more. The game also has distinctive graphics that help you get the best possible gaming experience.

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Image from the game: Arcanium
Arcanium game photo, for the article: 6 New Games for Android and iPhone Pathi

It might not make sense to subscribe to Netflix for a simple game, but if you already have a subscription to the platform, you can download and enjoy this game for free on your phone. It is a simple but unique card game that lets you choose your heroes and launch them on various missions to save your world.
The good thing is that this game does not contain ads or paid features and thus will provide you with a lovely experience devoid of annoying stuff.

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Ant Legion

Image from the game: Ant Legion
Image of Ant Legion, for the article: 6 New Games for Android and iPhone Pathi

Although it is still in the beta stage, the Ant Legion game has managed to harvest more than a million downloads in the Play Store, and it is a strategy game where you control a big world of tiny creatures; you will need to plan and strategize to collect resources from water and food.
Also, you will need to protect and defend your colonies against enemies and deadly insects, and the excellent graphics are one of the most important strengths of this game. It is expected that the game will provide us with more features later.
Fortunately, your progress in the game will be saved even if you use it in the trial period and before the launch of the basic version.

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We have finished our topic here, dear reader: you can browse the rest of the sections to get some fun games in your free time.

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