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6 best new apps for Android and iPhone

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6 best new apps for Android and iPhone: Nowadays, smartphones consume a lot of our daily time., Many people complain they are wasting their time using the phone without benefits.
You can quickly improve your phone use by choosing and downloading the right apps. Fortunately, this is what we offer you in this weekly topic of the best new Android and iPhone applications, as we present to you the essential valuable applications that help you to take advantage of your phone in the best way possible and without wasting much of your time.
Today we have several handy apps, including a task management app, a phone usage monitoring app, a powerful photo editing app, and more.

1. The One Thing

Image from the app: The One Thing
Image of The One Thing app for the article: 6 best new apps for Android and iPhone

This application is a task-tracking tool that helps you increase productivity. Although there are many other smartphone task applications available, this application works extraordinarily and uniquely as it allows you to prioritize and focus on the tasks with the highest priority and then Move on to the less important things; this method is very effective in managing and completing tasks.
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2. Quick Battery Tile

Screenshot from the Quick Battery Tile app
Image of the Quick Battery Tile app for the article: 6 best new apps for Android and iPhone

It is a straightforward application but performs an essential function. You can track the battery percentage and temperature through the phone’s control center, which appears when you drag the top bar from the top of the screen (notification bar).
And you can take advantage of this feature a lot, as you can know when the temperature of the battery increases to cool it down. This application is available on a simple interface. It provides many features, such as the ability to change the displayed temperature u d this application is available for Android phones for free.
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3. Photo Markup

Image from the app: Photo Markup
Photo Markup for the article: 6 best new apps for Android and iPhone 

Of course, many photo editing and editing applications are available for iOS, whether for iPhone or iPad.
If you want a simple application through which you can draw on images and add shapes, you can use the Photo Markup application, which perfectly performs this task.
As it is easy to use even for beginners because it does not require experience, it also allows you to add emojis and stickers to your photos, and you can also use the pen tool to draw freely on the pictures or write notes on them.
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4. My Screen On

Screenshot from the app: My Screen On
Screenshot of the My Screen On the app, for the article: 6 best new apps for Android and iPhone

Suppose you suffer from the phone screen turning off a lot while reading books or watching videos. In that case, you can solve this problem with the help of the My Screen On application, as it is a simple tool that helps you keep the phone screen constantly open without the need to touch it, and this is very useful when using the application that you need to keep the screen on all the time.
One of the advantages of this application is also the ease and speed of its use, as you can turn it on or off directly through the notification panel. Of course, you can do that through the application, and it also allows you to add a discussion on the home screen to turn it on or off at any time with one click.
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5. Neural Studio

Image from the app: Neural Studio
Image of the Neural Studio app for the article: 6 best new apps for Android and iPhone

This application is a comprehensive tool for taking and editing photos on iPhone phones. This application includes a high-resolution camera that allows you to take awe-inspiring pictures in various lighting conditions. It consists of a night mode through which you can take clear images in low light.
This application also provides you with many artificial intelligence-supported photo editing tools to edit photos professionally and without much effort.
Where you can, for example, remove unwanted parts of the image or change the brightness, saturation, and light level of the image, this program is free for iOS.
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6. System Stats

Image from the application: System Stats
Screenshot of the System Stats app for the article: 6 best new apps for Android and iPhone

With the help of this application, you can monitor and track the various aspects of the consumption of your iPad or iPhone, as it helps you to follow this data consumption in addition to the Internet speed, whether the download speed or the upload speed, in real-time and accurately, and it also shows you the memory consumption in an easy and simplified manner.
The app also comprehensively monitors various other elements of your phone, including storage space, processor consumption, battery percentage, and remaining time.
In addition, the application provides you with graphs about the consumption of the phone in general, as it shows you the most important information and specifications of your phone, and this is what makes it very useful if you use the phone a lot, to monitor and control your phone constantly.
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