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5 New iPhone and Android games

5 New iPhone and Android games: Welcome back to Best Mobile Games, the PC World series that summarizes what’s new from mobile game developers on Google Play and the App Store as the mobile gaming industry continues to grow.
In turn, we will continue to improve and review premium titles for players who want to try new games to fill their free time with fun and entertainment.
In this issue, we have decided to highlight 5 of the hottest new games released recently and are worth downloading, so let’s start by reviewing them for you.

1. Rodha

Game picture: Rodha
Photo from Rodha game, for the article: 5 New iPhone and Android games

It is a 2D platform game where you have to tap and hold the screen to jump through different levels to reach your destination; in Rodha, you will need to jump to avoid obstacles that are rotating in a fixed loop, such as cannons, saws, and many other means that prevent you from reaching the end point safely! As you progress, you will collect coins to unlock new skins for the animated item and up to 60 uniquely challenging levels. The game is free, with a few ads appearing at the end of each stage.
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2. Pickle Pete: Survival RPG

Image of the game: Pickle Pete: Survival RPG
Screenshot from Pickle Pete: Survival RPG, for the article: 5 New iPhone and Android games

Have you ever played Swamp Attack on your phone? Good.
Pickle Pete looks the same, but in an open world where you have many epic battles, the goal is to survive against fierce waves of enemies that appear randomly with deadly weapons to destroy you.
The graphics of the game are awe-inspiring, and the movement of the characters is smooth, so you are sure to have a great gaming experience. Collect, equip, and create endless combinations of unique structures to defeat your enemies, as several weapons and fortifications unlock as you progress. The free game has different modes to keep you entertained and pass the time.
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3. Color Sign

Game picture: Color Sign
Image from the game Color Sign, for the article: 5 New iPhone and Android games

This game introduces a seemingly new idea of having fun and killing time.
Where in Color Sign, there is a circle that includes a group of colors in the middle of an arrow that rotates relatively quickly; all you have to do is click on the screen to stop the hand at the color that matches it, and so on several cycles until you pass the stage and move to a more challenging location where the circle contains more different colors With the arrow spinning faster.
The game looks easy, and it is, but you need concentration to compete for higher positions in the global leaderboard. The game is straightforward as there is no Loading page, login prompt, or display of a how-to tutorial; just clicking on the game icon, you can start immediately.
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4. Fork’d Mountain Biking

Image from the game: Fork'd Mountain Biking
Image from Fork’d Mountain Biking, for the article: 5 New iPhone and Android games. 

A bike racing game in an open world full of adventure and terrain, Fork’s Mountain Biking contains a lot of exciting challenges, where you have to drive bikes in mountainous areas and challenging environments such as sandy beaches and desert under special conditions such as downhill in narrow places or bike jump for long distances and others within a time range Limited.
The game’s control is effortless, so you won’t have difficulty getting through the initial stages.
But it gets more complicated in advanced races. You can customize the bikes in detail, starting with gear, parts, tires, and more. The free game has a one-time purchase option to prevent ads from appearing after each challenge.
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5. 1Bit Survivor

Image from the game: 1 Bit Survivor
Screenshot from 1Bit Survivor, for the article: 5 New iPhone and Android games

One of the total games released this week on the mobile platform, 1 Bit Survivor, is a retro pixel game that feels like a story. All zombies are resuscitating to normal.
The bomb will blow up everything, including you, and given the dire state of the world, you are ready to accept your fate! But in the process, a friend appears who urges you to find a hideout in the city before the 28 days are up to stay alive. In 1 Bit Survivor, each stage represents a day, so your main goal is to survive in all 28 locations.
The game’s graphics are amazing and look simple, but it is full of small details, the movement of the characters is full of more information, and the combat system is easy.
The stages are not very long, but your vision will be limited, so you must explore a bit to find the hideout.
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It is a pleasure to see you here, dear reader. You can also browse the rest of the sections to get more games and applications.

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