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5 new games for you

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5 new games for you: The new year 2023 will be much better due to the significant development in the smartphone games market, as developers work to provide their best every year.
And in the first week of the new year, we have some fantastic, exciting, and varied games as well, as there is a distinguished sports game in addition to an adventure game, a puzzle game, and so on, and now here is the list of games below.

1. Forklift Extreme 3D

Image from the game: Forklift Extreme 3D
Forklift Extreme 3D game image, article: 5 new games for you

A new simulation game for iPhone allows you to control the forklift inside your warehouse to move things and put them in the right places, although the game may seem very easy.
However, it is full of complex challenges that need focus and skill; for example, sometimes you may be required to drive the crane inside the warehouse and complete tasks within a specific time, and other times you are required to complete a particular task without breaking or destroying anything in the warehouse, which makes the game more challenging.
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2. Crust Crusaders

Image from the game: Crust Crusaders
Crust Crusaders game image, article: 5 new games for you

‏This game has been available for iPhone for a while now.
But it was released for Android phones this week, and it is a simple shooting game with classic graphics, yet it is very entertaining. Your task in this game is to eliminate the evil vegetable creatures through the various characters that the game offers you, where each character has its abilities.
The game is entirely free and does not include any internal purchases, but it does have ads.
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3. Ice League Hockey‏

Image from the game: Ice League Hockey
Ice League Hockey game image, article: 5 new games for you

If you are a fan of ice hockey or sports games, here is this unique and free game on the Play Store.
In this game, you can join exciting hockey matches. Still, you will first need to choose one of the leagues you want to play in, and you can select your favorite team. Then you can start playing rounds with your opponents to beat them and reach the cup; remember that in this game, You need skill and good planning as well as organizing your players to win and concede goals.
It is a free game without ads, but there are payments to get additional features.
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Image from the game, Undestroyed
Image from the game, Ice League Hockey for the article: 5 new games for you

Undestroyed is one of the most prominent games released this week, and although the game is still in beta, it has more than 500,000 downloads in the Play Store and is also available for iPhone.
The events of this game occur in the future when artificial intelligence is destroying our world, and your task is to restore the light to the world again by fighting rounds of combat with monsters and villains within the game.
You can download the game for free, but it contains ads and purchases, and as we mentioned, the game is still in the beta stage, which means it is not stable yet.
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Image from the game, Squared
Squared game image, article: 5 new games for you

We conclude with this game for fans of puzzles and brain teasers, where a board is divided into squares with two colors, red and blue.
And you play in blue while your opponent owns the red squares. Your task in this game is to turn the most significant number of yards into the blue to beat your opponent and pass to the next level, but remember that the game needs a lot of thinking because it is equipped with artificial intelligence techniques AI, which is What makes your opponent strong. This game is available for iPhone phones so far, and it is free.
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And here we have finished our explanation in this article. You can also refer to the rest of the sections to get more games and applications.

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