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5 new apps for Android and iPhone

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5 new apps for Android and iPhone: We work on “filtering” mobile applications constantly published on the Play Store or App Store, specifically those developed recently.
Instead of reviewing all the new apps separately, we’re filtering out only the best and most prominent among them and grouping them in one thread to make it as helpful as possible. So, after we have finished exploring the newly arrived applications and choosing those that deserve preference, it is time to highlight them through the following lines.

1. Intel Unison

Image of application: Intel Unison
Screenshot from the Intel Unison app for the article: 5 new apps for Android and iPhone

A new application from Intel allows users to connect their smartphones, whether Android or iPhone, to a laptop to work as a single device and perform a set of actions quickly and easily. The Unison application features a straightforward graphical interface that only displays a window to view the photos and files sent to the laptop or received to be kept on the phone.
But other than that, the program allows making calls, reading notifications, browsing photos, and sending and receiving messages.
And other tasks that are done directly through the laptop. The free app works on all iPhones running iOS 15 and above or Android phones with at least Android 9. Finally, check out our review of Intel Unison if you want to learn more about how to use it
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2. Green Screen AI

Image of the application: Green Screen AI
Screenshot from the Green Screen AI app for the article: 5 new apps for Android and iPhone

Many applications play the role of converting anything you think into an image drawn by artificial intelligence. Almost a new application in this category appears daily in the stores, and we even mentioned one in the honorable list below the article. However, Green Screen AI is a little different; its mission is to help you replace the background of any of your photos with another one of your imagination! — also with artificial intelligence.
All you have to do is choose an image from your photo library and press “Create,” and then select the subject or part that you want to focus on for the background to be shaded, and then you can write what you wish to the new location to be, maybe a forest full of trees or space, regardless. In the end, you will get the result, which can be modified or saved directly in the library. The app also provides a “widget” that displays your creations on the home screen and offers faster access to the app.
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3. AstraCrypt

Image of an app: AstraCrypt
Screenshot from the AstraCrypt app for the article: 5 new apps for Android and iPhone

This simple application helps you keep files containing sensitive information or personal photos safe by storing them in an encrypted folder.
What is unique about AstraCrypt is that it uses advanced encryption algorithms and several authentication methods when storing files in the phone’s memory, so no one can access its content without knowing the secret code that the user created while setting up the application for the first time. The application has a simple graphical interface that includes the Material You language from Google, and it is free and easy to use. By default, there is a limit on the available storage.
But this limit can be exceeded by purchasing the paid version to store any number of files.
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4. Fajr

Image for application: Fajr
Image from the Fajr app for the article: 5 new apps for Android and iPhone

If you are a Muslim and have difficulty with Fajr prayer on time, this free application is designed to provide a creative way to help Muslim users wake up for the Fajr prayer. In the Fajr application, you can find prayer times throughout the day, but it is more than just a display of prayer times; it focuses on Fajr prayer specifically so that it wakes the user up between 5 minutes to 15 minutes before Fajr time and asks him to solve a specific challenge such as shaking the phone vigorously several times or Answer religious questions until the alarm stops ringing, ensuring you’re fully awake! According to the developer, the app also adds prayer times to Google Calendar, which may help some people integrate prayer into their daily lives. The application is generally excellent and provides a beautiful and consistent graphical interface. There are also many upcoming features, such as the availability of a version for smartwatches and the prayer tracking feature.
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5. Cloak

Image courtesy of Cloak
Screenshot from the Cloak app for the article: 5 new apps for Android and iPhone

It is an application that enables you to hide a specific group of applications installed on your iPhone, ensuring that they do not appear on the home screen, the App Library, notifications, etc.
This is sometimes useful either to protect privacy when you give the phone to someone temporarily or to reduce distractions. Cloak also provides a Safe Zones feature, allowing you to hide/show selected apps based on your location automatically.
This can be a helpful way to help you stay focused and avoid the temptation to use certain apps while you are at university, work office, and so on. The app also works well with Siri Shortcuts and widgets, allowing you to customize and simplify the experience of hiding apps. The app is free, and easy to hide and unhide the apps you select on your iPhone.
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Here is the end of the article, and we also explained five excellent applications. You can also review the previous sections to get some of the specific applications that may benefit you.

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