5 New Apps for Android 2023

5 New Apps for Android 2023: The Best Apps series is an essential part of the free Tech 4u and acts as a “filter” for newly launched mobile apps on the Play Store. This article highlights another batch of the latest mobile apps worth downloading and installing. Five new smartphone apps are coming out. However, since the Play Store does not provide an easy way for Android users to see the latest applications that have been added to its vast library, we choose those that are useful to users and worth downloading and trying with the aim of reviewing them in an article. Thus, if you ask about new and distinctive phone applications, you will find them in free tech 4u.

1. Image Converter X

Image showing the application: Image Converter X
Image from the Image Converter X app for the article: 5 New Apps for Android 2023

The primary function of this application is to convert image formats locally on your phone, where it is possible to switch between various forms such as JPEG, PNG, AVIF, WEBP, HEIF, and many others in straightforward steps. Still, Image Converter X, which is a free application by the way, provides many other features, such as The ability to batch convert a group of images, rotate images, adjust their dimensions to fit specific dimensions in terms of height and width, reduce their quality to reduce image sizes, or crop images. Moreover, the app has the feature of removing background from images. All these functions are combined in one lightweight application with a simple user interface.

2. Priority Updates

Image showing the Priority Updates application
Screenshot from the Priority Updates app for the article: 5 New Apps for Android 2023

Not all new updates for applications installed on your phone are necessary. However, some updates bring security improvements to applications and should be downloaded as soon as possible to protect your data stored on the phone. Priority Updates has its idea centered on this matter, as it notifies you as soon as there are important updates for any application that carries serious security fixes. At the same time, on the home page, it displays a list of other available updates with only mentioning the update’s content, such as bug fixes, adding new features, or performance improvements, so that you can Determine which one is most necessary to download. The app is free, easy to use, and contains no annoying ads.

3. Food Expiration Dates

Image showing the Food Expiration Dates app
Image from the Food Expiration Dates app for the article: 5 New Apps for Android 2023

The idea of this app is simple, and I think it is clear from the name as it reminds you of the expiry dates of the products, vegetables, and foods you store. Food Expiration Dates is free and has a clean graphical interface using the Material You language that reflects its ease of use. All you have to do after running it is to press the plus sign (+) and enter the data for each product or item you have that has an expiration date, writing this date within the data and pressing Insert. The app reminds you later when the expiration date is up. The app lets you add infinite items for free, and the user interface is reasonably easy to use. You can also use it with medications, subscriptions, food, etc. The app is handy and works perfectly, according to our experience.

4. SD Maid 2/SE

Image showing the SD Maid 2/SE app
Image from the SD Maid 2/SE app for the article: 5 New Apps for Android 2023

It deletes junk files and cleans up the phone memory to free up more storage space; SD Maid 2/SE is a second version from the developer of the SD Maid app, which has more than 10 million downloads since it was first released in 2011, so it is a dedicated app that does its job With high efficiency, the same applies to SD Maid 2/SE where it can get rid of leftovers or remnants of uninstalled applications, clean the cache of a group of applications in one go, remove any old files from the “Downloads” folder and other relatively advanced tasks that the application performs without need to root privileges. The application also provides the ability to schedule cleaning operations and exclude specific applications/files to prevent them from being compromised when the application performs its role in cleaning the phone’s memory.

5. Navbar Apps

Image showing an application: Navbar Apps
Image from Navbar Apps for the article: 5 New Apps for Android 2023

Navbar apps allow you to change the navigation or button bar’s look. It is one of the typical applications that can make your phone distinctively memorable, making the navigation bar red, blue, orange, and other distinctive colors and color variations. Navbar apps also enable adding images to your phone’s navigation bar. By the way, it’s a free app.

You can also review the article New Android and iPhone apps to get some apps we can review and choose for you. Also, there are more explanations in other sections that you can check to get some information. And do not forget to include a comment below and share the article with friends. Glad to see you are well.

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