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5 new and useful Android apps

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5 new and useful Android apps: They are the best new apps released of the week, and today we have five unique apps, and you will download some of them to your phone.
Among these applications is a fast internet browser, another application for counting days that you can use to track your goals, and a third application for managing electronic devices from your Android device, so let’s start listing and clarifying these applications in the following lines.

1. Neeva Browser & Search Engine

Screenshot from the app: Neeva Browser & Search Engine
Screenshot of the Neeva Browser & Search Engine app for the article: 5 new and useful Android apps

As the name of the app suggests, it is an internet browser and search engine that focuses primarily on privacy. This browser blocks trackers and ads and provides a speedy and flexible browsing experience.
You can customize your browsing experience through the settings to focus on the things most important to you. In addition, the browser includes a potent and unique search engine that you can use to search the web and in the applications available on your phone, including email, calendar, documents, etc.
It is a free app and is available without ads or paid features.
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2. Days Counter. Event Tracker

Image from the app: Days Counter. Event tracker
Image from Days Counter app. Event Tracker, for the article: 5 New and Useful Android Apps

This program is a free tool for tracking your events and goals, as the application contains a countdown of days that you can use to find out the remaining time in any event or occasion, whether in years, months, or days.
You can track the time left for graduation, birthday, wedding, vacation, and any other event you want to follow. This application has many handy features, including its ease of use; you can add new events with a few simple clicks, it also sends you notifications regarding your circumstances and events, and it is free for Android phones.
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3. Battery Manager

Screenshot from the Battery Manager app
Image from the Battery Manager app, for the article: 5 New and Useful Android Apps

It is a straightforward application, but it is helpful for many users. It helps you know the battery consumption of many electronic devices through your iPhone, as all you have to do is open the application and connect the devices you want to follow. Then you can know the percentage of charge for Each device from the same application to charge them promptly.
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4. Feeder

Image from the app: Feeder
Image from the Feeder app, for the article: 5 New and Useful Android Apps

This application is an elementary RSS reader. Still, it is beneficial for those who love reading and looking at the Internet, as all you have to do is add the distinguished sites and blogs you need to read. The site will automatically fetch new topics from each area so you can read them directly via application fly. This application has many advantages, including flexibility and simplicity in use. It provides comfort to the eyes and supports night mode, which helps you reduce eye strain and phone battery consumption.
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5. Codict

Image courtesy of Codict
Image from the Codict app, for the article: 5 New and Useful Android Apps

A very great application for programming students or developers as it helps you learn to program and develop your skills by studying lessons and solving programming problems. It also enables you to prepare for a job interview to get a job in programming.
This app includes many topics and programming languages you can learn, including HTML, CSS, React, and Python.
As you can see, this application focuses mainly on Front End web interface development techniques, but it also helps you develop your personal skills, specifically Soft Skills. It also teaches you how to use Git and many other essential technologies for every developer.
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We have finished here, dear reader. You can also browse the rest of the sections to get more applications and games for your free time.

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