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5 New and Best Games of 2023

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5 New and Best Games of 2023: The smartphone game library is growing; many new games are debuting in the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iPhone smartphone users to enjoy. Whether you are a casual gamer or looking to try new games for fun and entertainment, a new game is usually released to suit everyone’s taste. You may have noticed that our Best New Games series here only focuses on premium games worth downloading, so let’s review our picks of newly released Android and iPhone games.

1. Not Not 2

Image showing the game: Not Not 2
Image from the game Not Not 2, for the article: 5 New and Best Games of 2023

If you are a fan of mind-challenging and intelligence-development games, you may be familiar with the NOT game that has garnered 15 million players in a short period. Recently, a version of the game was launched with new modes, more levels, and many collectibles, and it is still completely free. Not 2 offers clever puzzles based on orientation, logic, and colors! As the playing environment is a cube that contains four holes in different colors, all you have to do is read the instructions written on the cube to direct the character in the right direction by following these instructions. It sounds elementary, right?! Indeed, there is a challenge in the game: some instructions will deceive your mind and will not be direct, and until you understand what is required, the time limit set to choose the correct direction may expire. Solving these puzzles generally depends on your quick wit and passing the stages without tension and emotion; at least, that is the goal.
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2. Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse

Image showing Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse
Screenshot from the game Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse, for the article: 5 New and Best Games of 2023

A new sequel to the critically acclaimed Bad 2 Bad series in the mobile gaming world as you hunt down armed enemies in an open world filled with animal characters, in this sequel Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse, there is even richer content that continues the story of Team Delta to rescue and rebuild the world it destroyed A virus from the human forces, the goal is to survive the entire journey. There are many varied combat weapons, such as combat drones and calling in air support from attack helicopters, in addition to the powerful tactical weapon “Battle Armor.” Night vision has been added in this part, along with accessories that increase the depth of customization compared to the previous parts, in addition to more basic content for exploration and hunting for survival. The game’s graphics remain as distinctive and unique as the rest of the details, as you will enjoy an enthusiastic atmosphere in every scene.
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3. Jet Attack Move

Image showing the game: Jet Attack Move
Image from Jet Attack Move, for the article: 5 New and Best Games of 2023

You can look at the picture attached above, and you will guess the idea of this game! If you follow the political news, you probably will know. Still, in any case, the game Jet Attack Move simulates the accident of the Chinese airship that penetrated the airspace of America, causing diplomatic tensions. Your role in this game is to pilot an F-22, F-14, Su-57, or Eurofighter to destroy the airships flying in the sky and defeat as many enemies as possible. The gameplay is straightforward, as there is one controller to control the plane. As soon as you fly at an appropriate level in front of the balloon, missiles and gunshots are fired automatically until it is dropped. The challenge is that there are several balloons that you have to shoot down within a certain amount of time.
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4. Ultra Blade

Screenshot of the game: Ultra Blade
Image from Ultra Blade, for the article: 5 New and Best Games of 2023

One of the most potent new roguelike games where the player uses many weapons in the face of crowds of enemies that only grow in numbers and strength the longer you stay alive. Ultra Blade is a game that looks like a strategy where you have to hack through endless hordes of enemies in a way that requires a bit of intelligence and not just fighting. You can unlock thousands of combinations of heroes and characters, each with its unique appearance and abilities; there are also many deadly weapons that you can use depending on the skills of each character. The graphics of the game are stunning and look simple. Still, they are full of small details, as well as the movement of the characters is full of more information, and the combat system is easy, and it is designed to play with only one finger; you can click and drag to move the character and perform automatic attacks, or tap the screen quickly to commit a violent attack that clears the area around you Nearby enemies…and so on. In addition, the game offers an infinite challenge mode that is updated 24 times a day. Unfortunately, Ultra Blade is not free, but it is also not expensive and is available to play on both PC and mobile platforms.
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5. Long Nose Dog

Image showing the game: Long Nose Dog
Image from Long Nose Dog, for the article: 5 New and Best Games of 2023

This game turns a feature of the Russian Burzy Dogs, the long nose, into a ridiculously entertaining and funny game! Where you deal in the match Long Nose Dog with the nose as if it were a snake that extends its length whenever it devours the chips, and of course, the gameplay is straightforward; all you have to do is direct the path of the nose so as not to collide with complex objects. All the game’s graphics are 3D hand-drawn, and there are many other pets to play with, and the fun in Long Nose Dog is endless! The stage ends once you collide with something in the gameplay, while the goal is to achieve the highest score possible…
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