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5 fun mobile games

5 fun mobile games: Nowadays, many users rely on their smartphones to play electronic games instead of buying expensive computers, which prompted developers to do their best to develop very cool smartphone games. It is getting more popular daily, and we all know the famous games such as PUBG Mobile, Pokemon, and Subway, but after using them a lot, they may become dull and monotonous, prompting us to search for new and fun games.
And this is really what we offer you in this article

MLB Perfect Inning

Image from the game: MLB Perfect Inning
Image of MLB Perfect Inning game. 5 fun mobile games

If you are a fan of sports games, specifically baseball, this fun game is available for Android and iPhone. MLB has officially licensed the game, meaning it includes all known baseball teams, players, and leagues. The game also contains official team logos and uniforms.
As well as the ball fields, this game also features advanced and excellent graphics and includes a real-time game mode where you can compete with other players worldwide.

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‌Kinja Run

Image from the game:‌Kinja Run
Kinga Run game’s photo. For the article, 5 fun mobile games

One of the most excellent new games of the week is a running game where your mission is to help the little ninja run bravely through the road full of monsters and obstacles, this game features relatively simple controls, but the gameplay is challenging and exciting.
Thanks to the magnificence of this game and its many features, I obtained more than 500,000 downloads and a 4.7-star rating in the Play Store during the first days of its release, which is developed by Habby, which is distinguished in the development of brilliant phone games.

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Image from the game: Layers
Layers game’s photo. For the article, 5 fun mobile games

Puzzle games are one of the most popular categories of games that are loved by millions of users.
Today, we have a fantastic puzzle game that helps you use your mind intelligently. This game is known as Layers, where you can complete levels by interacting with the elements of the environment that appear to you and using objects in both the white and black layers.
You can complete the puzzles by using your ability to switch objects from one layer to another and get all the characters to the exit door, but at the same time, you have to beware of the traps because if you lose one character, the game will be over.

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A Simple Matter of Light

Image from the game: A Simple Matter of Light
‌A Simple Matter of Light’s photo. For the article, 5 fun mobile games

Another gas game is available for Android phones and iPhone phones as well. The main task in this game is to light all the squares shown on the screen using a specific number of lamps, and for that, you will need to distribute them strategically so that you can make the best use of them.
Also, this game has hundreds of levels, which differ among themselves in terms of difficulty.
You can play up to level 160 for free, but after that, you will need to pay $0.99 to access 260 more levels in the game; it is good that there are no ads.

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NETFLIX Before Your Eyes

Image from the game: NETFLIX Before Your Eyes
Picture of the game NETFLIX Before Your Eyes. For the article, 5 fun mobile games

Netflix has released a new list of smartphone games.
It has added many distinctive games in leisure time, including this game, also available to subscribers of the service.
It is an adventurous and emotional game where you will be in control of an exciting fantasy story, and you will be able to delve into a world full of memories. On a journey to another world. While you can display your whole life in front of your eyes, the game is available without ads for Android and iOS.

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Here is the end. You can also browse the rest of the sections to get more similar games. If you want to ask something, leave it below in a comment.

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