12 best VPN for iPhone

12 best VPN for iPhone: Today, in this article, we will present the best VPN applications you can browse anonymously. There is nothing special about this digital world. Internet service providers and authorities track every activity on the Internet, such as the websites you visit, the links you click, and more.
To hide your online activities, you need to use a VPN, which is already a tool that encrypts incoming and outgoing traffic and thus will provide additional security for your device.

Proxy Master

Image showing the application: Proxy Master
Screenshot from the Proxy Master app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

Proxy Master is a reliable application and one of the best VPNs for iPhone devices. The application allows you to use the Internet freely while browsing and enjoying the freedom of the Internet.
It also contains many features to protect your privacy. It has high-speed DNS servers. High-speed proxy server distributed over 80 websites. However, you can only use all servers with a premium account.


Image showing the application: ExpressVPN
Screenshot from the ExpressVPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

ExpressVPN is one of the most highly rated VPNs and one of the excellent apps on our list. It does not contain free plans, but you can enjoy a free trial of up to 7 days on selected servers. It is also available for iPhone and Android. ExpressVPN’s servers are optimized for their fastest-ever speed and enhanced privacy protection in the premium version. You’ll get automatic reconnection if your connection drops, encryption support for more protocols, and a threat manager.

Turbo VPN

Image showing the application: Turbo VPN
Screenshot from the Turbo VPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

The Turbo VPN application provides exceptionally excellent privacy security for iPhone devices. It secures your activity on the Internet. It can hide your IP. You can use many global servers for free. You can open thousands of global servers to access blocked sites.
Stability will not be an issue since the app brings thousands of global servers. It also provides some other privacy features.

VPN 360

A picture showing the application: VPN 360
Screenshot from the VPN 360 app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

The popular VPN 360 app for iPhone lets you browse securely and quickly access all blocked websites, streaming sites, etc. VPN 360 is a free and very secure app. It has hundreds of global servers for iPhone devices. It can provide fast download speed, and VPN 360 servers are optimized and stable.

Thunder VPN

Image showing the application: Thunder VPN
Image from the Thunder VPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

If you are looking for a VPN, this app can help you secure your iPhone.
Thunder VPN helps protect your privacy and security on the web. It provides you with many countries and high-quality servers, an excellent feature to download well and enjoy the best experience. Thunder VPN does not ask you to register. Just install the app and connect to the server you want to connect to

Hotspot Shield

Image showing the application: Hotspot Shield
Screenshot from the Hotspot Shield app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

Hotspot Shield is not accessible on the list. But you can still get a 7-day free trial if you use it for the first time. You can get special tools such as RoboShield, Identity Guard, and 1Password, regardless of 4G or 3G. Both networks are supported. The thing that is unique about it is that it also supports features such as firewall rules and hiding your IP address.

Best VPN Proxy Betterne‪t‬

Image showing the application: Best VPN Proxy Betternet
Image from the Best VPN Proxy Betternet app, for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

Best VPN Proxy Betterne‪t You can download this application from the iPhone app store for free. Although this application is not free, it displays some ads, so you can still use it. The great thing about this application is that Betternet does not ask to get most of the items in this application for free. You must log in or register an account in the application to use the VPN. It also does not save any of your browsing activity. The free version connects for free and does not allow you to select servers manually.

SurfEasy VPN

Image showing the application: SurfEasy VPN
Screenshot from the SurfEasy VPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

Although SurfEasy VPN is not very popular, it is unique and one of the best VPN applications. The application gives you to browse without revealing your identity. It encrypts your originals, protecting you from AES-256 trackers, but you don’t have a free trial that lasts up to 7 days.

TunnelBear VPN

Image showing the application: TunnelBear VPN
Screenshot from the TunnelBear VPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

This app has a very reasonable price and a free connection, so TunnelBear is the best option.
It protects your privacy on the Internet and enables you to browse websites freely without revealing your IP address. It allows you 500 megabytes for free every month for free accounts, but the free plan may not be enough to watch or download videos. But its servers are well-optimized, and you really won’t be disappointed.

Private Internet Access‬

Image showing the application: Private Internet Access
Screenshot of the Private Internet Access app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

Private Internet Access‬ This application is also one of the advanced applications you love to have on your iPhone. The application has several layers of protection that enable you to browse the web safely and prevent your web from being tracked by data hackers. The application provides you with many high-quality servers that are also spread over several different locations.


Image showing the application: NordVPN
Screenshot from the NordVPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

NordVPN is another reliable option from the options that allow you to hide your IP; of course, this application is very distinguished. This application will enable you to connect seamlessly and securely to your iPhone.
It has more than 60 countries spread worldwide and more than 5300 servers currently and has improved all servers to provide a secure and encrypted connection to protect you.


A picture showing the application: X-VPN
Screenshot from the X-VPN app for the article: 12 best VPN for iPhone

X-VPN is a unique application that allows you to browse privately and securely without restrictions. It is a great application to protect privacy on the Internet—and high-speed connections, which is excellent for all phones.
The application is free of charge, but you have the option of a specific server in the free package. You must purchase the premium plan to unlock more than 8,000 servers across more than 60 locations and some tools.

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